One of the first books I read on MPB was “Mai più calvi” (= “Never more bald”) of the italian man Giovanni Serri Pili. He claimed that he was. Online shopping from a great selection at Kindle Store Store. abetz85 wrote: This is the link of the book: Piu-Calvi-Giovanni-Serri-Pili But I warn you it’s wrote in Italian.

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My Approach My Approach Continued. However, I’m skeptical about many of his claims. This pressure makes your scalp tight and your galea won’t slide well anymore.

Poll for the guys doing manual methods at least months – Page 4

To continue to the forum, just close this window. I could either A get all learned up on Italian or B let your husband read the book and you could relay the info here. I searched and couldn’t find it. SlowMoe on Sun Dec 15, 2: It’s probably not fake since when he wrote his book Photoshop didn’t really exist.

Serri Pili

Grok on, Mark Sisson. Posts Topics Advanced Search. For the ones who don’t have enough hair to pull, serru secret is to corrugate your eyebrows continuously and keep the position as much as possible, always leaning your head backwards or on a side never ahead, since you need extra skin on the neck in order to corrugate well.


Positive thing is that I don’t have a dandruff as long as I brush twice a week. Castor Oil to Re-Grow Hair. But, at the same time, he was convinced that our bulbs never die.

Sat Dec 29, 8: I’ve never heard of this By the way, having a better posture is still important for your back’s health. Complexx on Sun Dec 15, 5: So he started to exercise his frontalis and improve his posture to unlock his galea I didn’t expect some quick results, but more than year should be enough to see at least some sfrri. Last edited by Leida ; I’ve read where you need to mix it with a thinner oil like olive oil and apply it to a wet head.

I did it every day and skipped it no more than four or five times. All I could glean from it is that you need to pull on your hair for awhile and it should work.


Check out his list of topicals from But to achieve a really lasting results, yeah, you have to persist! Over the years, thousands of MDA forum readers have contributed their questions, support and insight with fellow community members. I bought some today, mixed it half with coconut oil, and am beginning my experiment This guy might be your predecessor, Tom. I read a lot of posts on the long hair forum from people who are using castor oil and have seen great results: Have a leasury bath or do whatever works for you for hours.

Hair Loss Is Reversible Forum

Yes, the method works, but you need to corrugate and pull your hair a lot. I want to know if others have had success with this and if I’m doing this correctly. This is naive, because men and women are just physiologically different take hormones for example and so posture isn’t definitely the only factor in hair loss. It is a traditional East Europenian method.