Haematoxylum brasiletto is a tree that grows in Central America, .. Antimicrobial compounds isolated from Haematoxylon brasiletto. Antimicrobial compounds isolated from Haematoxylon brasiletto. Rivero-Cruz JF( 1). Author information: (1)Departamento de Farmacia. The extract of Haematoxylon brasiletto was the only one that effectively inhibited bacterial growth. The effects of ethanolic extracts of this plant on growth.

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Dracaena fragans is not a dye plant whatsoever and iconically is native to Africa.

Antiproliferative activity of cardenolide glycosides from Asclepias subulata. Published online Jul These previous results prompted us to perform the present study in which the aim was to isolate the compounds responsible for antiproliferative activity of the ethanol extract of H.

Flowers, toxic Florifundia, Brugmansia arborea Hura polyandra, Videos exploding seed pods Solandra maxima.

In this work, we demonstrated that brazilin, a flavonoid isolated and characterized of H. Much to my surprise, Palo de Campeche, tinto, is a flavoring edible. Lundell makes no mention whatsoever of the unexpected fact that Palo de Brasil is a desert plant. An in vitro assay of 3 Indian medicinal plants. Palo de Brasil is one of the most common trees in parts of brasiletti Motagua desert.


If you had time and budget to study this plant you could make a more accurate list of its range.

Antimicrobial compounds isolated from Haematoxylon brasiletto.

Obviously the Palo de Brasil is not present any more once the pine brasilehto oak forests begin. Standley and Steyermark But the Haematoxylum brasiletto grows precisely in the jade area of the Rio Motagua.

My personal experience with dyewood trees in Guatemala. To provide scientific validation of traditional medicinal use of H.

Any problem with this site please report it to webmaster flaar. The chemopreventive agent curcumin is a potent radiosensitizer of human cervical tumor cells via increased reactive oxygen species production and overactivation of the mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway.

SEINet Portal Network – Haematoxylum brasiletto

The chemical structure of an isolated compound was elucidated with different chemical and spectroscopic methods. Antiproliferative activity Recently, the antiproliferative activity of the extracts of H. There are substantial stands of tinto between Lake Yaxha and Lake Brasiltto.

Flowers Fruits Trees Vegetables Spices. This leads to downregulation of miR target genes Akt2 and Src that culminates in decreased proliferation and increased apoptosis of bladder cancer cells. Haematoxylum brasiletto flowers for several months.

So in the same botany monograph he spells the species name in two different ways. A totally unrelated tree, Dracaena fragansis also called Palo de Brazil.


Purification of the dichloromethane partition of ethanol extract of the heartwood of H. Not expected on a hillshide I find them mostly on flat areas. Is Palo de Brasil, Haematoxylum brasiletto, also native to Peten?

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Antimicrobial compounds isolated from Haematoxylon brasiletto.

A bioassay-guided fractionation of ethanol extract of H. The antiproliferative activity of brazilin was evaluated [ Table 2 ], demonstrating that it causes a moderate inhibitory effect on the growth in the human SiHa, MDA, A, and Haematoxhlon cell lines at IC 50 values of Conflicts of interest There are no conflicts of interest. Location of Haematoxylum brasiletto Haematoxylum brasiletto probably grows in several areas of Guatemala but where I see it the most often is alongside the highway from Guatemala City towards Puerto Barrios.

Bibliography, Macroclinium bicolor Bibliography, Sobralia xantholeuca Bibliography on Terrestrial orchids from Guatemala Bibliography on Terrestrial shade orchids from Guatemala. The medicinal use of both Palo de Brasil and Palo de Campeche is a whole other study www.