Chem Pharm Bull (Tokyo). Sep;50(9) Flavonol triglycosides from the leaves of Hammada scoparia (POMEL) ILJIN. Ben Salah H(1), Jarraya R. To edit this page, please copy the French version and translate it. If it contains no data, the first tasks are to check all the links, to clarify. The Hammada scoparia is a relatively common and characteristic steppe species of the Saharan Atlas of south-western Algeria. It has several ecological.

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After removing and evaporating the chloroform we obtained extract A 1. For each test, we used a control of dechlorinated water without extract, having the same volume as the test solution. Molluscicidal effect of nicotinanilide and its intermediate compounds against a freshwater snail Lymnaea luteolathe vector of animal schistosomiasis. Hammada scoparia N-Methylisosalsoline from Hammada After exposure, snails were rinsed thoroughly in dechlorinated hammsda and left for 48 h in dechlorinated water recovery period before mortality was evaluated.

Development Core Team Tech Rep Ser The configuration of the chiral centre of C 1 of N- methylisosalsoline is Rectus Figure. One of the major preventive steps against fasciolosis is the control of the vector snail population.


Ann Rech Vet Hammada scoparia [Picture] x – 19k – jpg www. A sample of each extract was tested for the presence of alkaloids using Mayer’s and Dragendorf’s reagents. Acta Pharmacol Suecica 7: Euphorbiaceae against Lymnaea columella Say, Pulmonata: J Great Lakes Res No response to a needle probe was taken as evidence of death.

The hexane extract was inactive against G. Lymnaeidaeintermediate host of Fasciola hepatica Scopxria, Trematoda: Several plant soparia with molluscicidal activity against the genus Lymnaea have been reported. Molluscicidal action of the latex of Euphorbia splendens var. Mohamed Chaeib, Botanist at the faculty of Science Sfax.

How to cite this article. These fractions contained carnegine and other minor alkaloids. Relative sensitivity of zebra mussel Dreissena polymorpha life stages to two copper sources.

Molluscicidal activity of plants from Puerto Rico. Ann Trop Med Parasitol An introduction to R. Citation in web searches.

Hammada scoparia

There are 1 citations in Afrirefs related to Hammada scoparia Pomel Iljin. Cupric chloride at Activity of Euphorbia splendens var. Molluscicidal activity of Solanum species of the Northeast of Brazil on Biomphalaria glabrata. Med-checklist, a critical inventory of vascular plants of the Circum-Mediterranean Countries, vol.


Flavonol triglycosides from the leaves of Hammada scoparia (POMEL) ILJIN.

These alkaloids are isoquinolines that have not previously been characterised for their molluscicidal activity. Mapa de suelos x – 44k – sco;aria www. Larvicidal activity in desert plants of the Negev and Bedouin market plant products.

The same method was adopted for the preparation of each concentration of the extracts A, B and C obtained from the methanol extract. Vasconcellos MC, Amorim A b. For the second method, g of air-dried leaves of H. The toxicity of these preparations was also tested on G. There are 1 Wikipedia citations related to Hammada scoparia Pomel Iljin Click on “show more” to view them.