The handcuffs of the title refer an incident in which Parker’s parents catch Parker handcuffed to a chair in her father’s office by her ex-boyfriend. Handcuffs by Bethany Griffin – book cover, description, publication history. Read “Handcuffs” by Bethany Griffin with Rakuten Kobo. PARKER PRESCOTT IS an ice princess. Cold, aloof, a snob. At least, that’s what everyone says on.

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I just adored little brother Prescott and the relationship Parker had with him was heart-melting without being unrealistic.

Handcuffs – Bethany Griffin – Google Books

She keeps it hidden from her family but it all comes to a head when the cops show up and remove her computer. I came into the story expecting it to be about a goody-goody girl who had some grigfin afternoon of some sort or another and then everything went boom.

Considering this got a lot of local press because the author is local, I was sort of excited to read it.

I pretended to be sick. I loved this book even though it wasn’t my usual fantasy. Really Griffin it really goes too far when I of all eople can’t remember the smexy boys name. Handcuffs by Bethany Griffin Goodreads Author.


I’m definitely looking forward to Bethany Griffin’s next grifcin. And in the end, she apparently changed or something, but particularly when it comes to her boyfriend, I didn’t really see her change.

Part of what makes him so alluring is the air of unapproachability and mystery that surrounds him. And where was the editor? A title with the word “princess” implies something different from a shy tongue-tied year-old who is considered the good girl.

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Jan 07, Jennifer Wardrip marked it as to-read-i-own-it Handcufrs As you can see, this is so much more involved than what I originally expected the story to be when I first picked it up.

Handcuffs by Bethany Gritfin. Seven Trees of Stone. Parker has always been the quiet, responsible one. Every bit of Parker’s remorse rings true, the lengths that she goes to to save her family completely make sense and the things that happen to the other characters completely make sense.

Everything went downhill from there. If you hate high school, hang in there. We appreciate your feedback. Click here to read more and order online. Parker Prescott’s world is changing and betthany no longer knows who she is. But Araby has found herself. Stay in Touch Sign up. That bothered me a lot. Apr 10, Marielle Savoie rated it it was amazing. Being shy isn’t a choice you make, you just are Do not let the title of this book deter you from reading, because it’s about so much more than a pair of Handcuffs.


Cold, aloof, a snob. Parker Prescott is a middle child. It could be the end of them all. This here is why the story loses so many points for me.

Alas, I found it mediocre and some of the writing just down right silly. Instead to my delight I found a girl who can suck it up and who actually questions her thoughts. Her boyfriend is a total bad boy techno geek that she’s way in love with, mainly hanecuffs she can’t believe he’s with her at all.

She’s the good one, the dependable one, the one her parents trust. Wow, this book is very poorly written.

For Darkness Shows the Stars. He’s too many things at once and I don’t feel his character was fully developed at all.