Harmonic’s ProView is the world’s first single rack unit (1-RU) scalable receiver, DVB descrambler, multiformat video decoder and MPEG stream processor. Harmonic’s ProView™ is the industry’s first single-rack-unit, scalable, AVC (H) video decoders, the ProView is ideal for full. A Typical ProView Configuration Using the Front Panel. The Harmonic ProView is a single rack unit (1RU) scalable receiver, DVB descrambler.

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The main EMS components are: The default is group 1.

Harmonic ProView 7000 User Manual

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. If your device has more than one demodulator, select a satellite input menu, SAT 1—4. The decoder type and modes of operation depend on the hardware configuration and are license dependant. The single provieww card can be ordered with or without the genlock feature and connector.

QPSK transmits 2 bits at the same time by varying the phase of the signal. D-Sub 15 Pinouts Table B—2: Haromnic display the Device Explorer tab: A card for the MN20 multiplexer.

Configured Bitrate — Displays the calculated bitrate of the output stream in bps.

ProHarmonic :: Decoders :: Options :: ProView DVB-S2 Firmware Upgrade License

The property of the various output tables in the multiplex output stream is detailed in 7. The information displayed by the Input Program Properties dialog includes the following: Don’t have an account?


Harmonic is careful to use the current and correct names of relevant standards. Select the device in the Devices box. Monitoring The Prvoiew The decoder type and modes of operation depend on the hardware configuration and are license dependant.

Page Quaternary Phase Shift Keying. The Decoding Status page comprises the following: Input Tables Properties Selecting a specific entry in the SDT table marked as sub-branches of the SDT table brunch and clicking the Properties button displays the following information for the service: Page 84 To set a port as the active port: Device Software Upgrade Properties 7. Software Upgrade Manager F. It consists of six octets separated by colons, for example, The icon is displayed in the Device box, and, if activated, it is also displayed in the Physical Input and Provieew Output boxes.

Configuring and Monitoring 2.

Harmonic ProView PVR 7000 High Definition Decoder

Right-click the port in the Physical Input box. Shortcuts are added to the desktop and the lroview menu. This element can be a device selected in the Device box or any object selected on the Device Explorer tab.

Page Bit Error Rate. To set a port as the active port: Page 78 4 transport streams from 4 single or a multi- transport stream carrier.


Harmonic assumes no responsibility or liability arising from the use of the products described herein, provieq as expressly agreed to in writing by Harmonic. Selective — Select which input PIDs to descramble. Device Properties dialog — License tab To enter a new license code: Set the Service Selection Mode: Input bitrate overflow The input bitrate to the decoder is too high.

Page 42 Aspect Ratio Conversion — selects the aspect ratio conversion.

The protocol that Harmonic control and management systems use to configure and monitor Harmonic devices remotely over IP. Page 26 Configuring and Monitoring 2. Page The Bottom Card properties tab displays the following parameters on the bottom card installed in the device: Right-click the device icon or any of probiew sub-elements in the Physical Output box to display a context menu which includes the following items: Changing the Decoding Buffer Delay value may cause unpredicted implications in the operation of the device.

Page In commercial applications, CAS allows controlled access to proprietary programs. Page You can set the following: