Hazarski rečnik – Zelena knjiga. VS. Voja Stamenković. Updated 27 August Transcript. romansijer; pripovedač; pesnik; dramski pisac. Hazarski rečnik – Milorad Pavić. O piscu. Milorad Pavić je najizrazitije ime savremene srpske književnosti. On je naš evropski Borhes jer u svojim delima. Hazarski Recnik by Milorad Pavic, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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A Lexicon Novel Serbian Cyrillic: Hence each reader will put together the book for himself, hazarsli in a game of dominoes or cardsand, as with a mirror, he will get nazarski of this dictionary as much as he puts into it, for you [ I really wanted to like this book because its esoteric subject sounded awesome, but honestly I knew that I was in trouble when I read the words “eschewing conventional narrative and plot” on the back cover.

Kate rated it did not like it Jun 16, Should I read this book in its Kindle format? Dictionary of the Khazars: Natalija Dragojevic rated it did not like it Aug 17, Dupe ne bih obrisao sa ovim! Written in two versions, male and female both available in Vintage Internationalwhich haaarski identical save for seventeen crucial lines, Dictionary is the imaginary book of knowledge of the Khazars, a people who flourished somewhere beyond Tra A national bestseller, Dictionary of the Khazars was cited by The New York Times Book Review as one of the best books of the year.


It was first published in English by KnopfNew York in I wanted to like it, I tried to like it, it failed to be likable. However, most of the characters and events described in the novel are entirely fictional, as is the culture ascribed to the Khazars in the book, which bears little resemblance to any literary or archeological evidence.

Milorad Pavic Hazarski Recnik Free .pdf

Stefan Milic rated it did not like it Jun 05, Eschewing conventional narrative and plot, this lexicon novel combines the dictionaries of the world’s three major religions with entries that leap between past and future, featuring three unruly wise men, a book printed in poison ink, suicide by mirrors, a chimerical princess, a sect of priests who can infiltrate one’s dreams, romances between the living and the dead, and much more.

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The narration really was all over the place and my inability to tie the threads together put me off the whole thing. This is metafiction, which some people contend is the next gimic in fiction. Views Read Edit View history.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The entries were baffling, various parts story, riddle, and pseudo-philosophy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Hazarski Rečnik

Some fine writing but the content was too obscure. This book is tedious Cicaivancica rated it did not like it Aug 10, Lists with This Book. Sergey Artamonov rated it did not like it Jan 15, Pavic has taken the legends of the Khazars and created a male and reecnik version of his encyclopedia I read the female.

No chronology will be observed here, nor is one necessary.

Richard G rated it did not like it Oct 09, Whenever I had time to read I found myself doing other little things – anything, really – in order to avoid having to once again open this book. Each discusses the Khazar Polemic, wherein the Khazar leader, the kaghan, invited representatives from each of the three religions to interpret a dream; based on their responses, he would chose the religion that the Khazars would convert.

To the best of my knowledge they differ in only one crucial “present day” entry. A French critic said, ‘We are all Khazars in the age of nuclear threat and poisoned environment. Jelisaveta rated it did not like it Feb 13, Karl rated it did not like it Oct 13,