Discover ideas about I Ching. I CHING – O Livro das Mutações: Hexagrama Ta Ch’u / O Poder de Domar do Grande. I ChingLivros. More information. El hexagrama 26 es llamado 大畜 (ta ch’u), “La Fuerza Domesticadora de lo Grande”. Hello all, I have been reading the memorizing threads on Hex and it was quite interesting the discussion about line 1 and 4 – which Wilhelm.

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If its subject doesn’t enjoy his family revenues at the expense of public service, there will be good fortune. You have considerable reserves of energy and support to draw upon. If you focus your sights beyond the difficulties, you will clear all obstructions. It has often been depreciated as being ineffective against the various drives and the power of the hexagrxma, or it has been considered with suspicion as leading to self-assertion will-to-power. It furthers one to cross the great water.

The ego renounces selfish indulgences to work for the good of the whole.

Love Interpretation of I-Ching Hexagram #26 –

Powerful energy is now gathered by the strength of your will to proceed and by working in tandem with others. The Dragon Carp is a constant reminder of the pursuit of excellence, reflecting how following instinct makes obstacles non-existent. The two hexagrams actually chime together naturally, don’t you think?


A dynamic line is in the highest place, displaying the hexagrwma of talent and virtue — his is the power that keeps Strength in restraint and displays the will necessary to the hexagram. Do not listen with your mind, but listen with your vital force. On this path, it is beneficial to still strength, not to use strength.

…life can be translucent

If you renew your willingness to marry to your Hexagramma daily, you become a reservoir for enormous creative expression that benefits all. Stop striving — nothing can be done now.

The animal soul of man is derived from the cosmic animal elements, and the animal kingdom is therefore the hexagramx of the animal man. Home Contact Privacy and terms Site search Links.


There is also a need for timing in appropriate expression. Psychologically, inner complexes will drain energy from the situation unless the ego has the will to control their manifestation.

The mountain is sitting on the sunshine or the mountain is being energized by sunshine inside it. There is danger; it is beneficial to stop.

At some point however, we recognize that they might just be horrible communicators. Heaven in the midst of the mountain — the image of Controlled Power.

At the outset, the man is confronted with dangerous obstacles. Think of the lower trigram as a kind of throttle, and the upper trigram as the brakes and you have an image of driving, or “charioteering.


It is generally safest to accept Wilhelm’s translation when doubt prevails. Stand at the threshold, connect with your Te or vital force and simply observe. Be content with waiting. The suggestion 226 that one who has not yet attained his full strength benefits from being restrained.

This is a positive factor leading to self-discipline and culture, and on its development civilization largely depends.

File:Iching-hexagramsvg – Wikimedia Commons

A lack of movement, connection or release has stored an incredible amount of Creative Power beneath the meditative Mountain of Keeping Still. The man should wait while storing energy for his next move.

Here I am speaking not of a power complex, or of an identification with the will to power, but rather of the feeling of ability to control oneself and one’s actions, and of the power to choose a goal and to do what is necessary to achieve it. Persistence under difficulties will win advantage.

Something that was potentially a threat is now harmless. Carrying the crossroads of heaven is successful. Let me walk round some line pathways here