Hiab has consistently led the way forward with innovative truck crane design achieving unrivalled levels of crane performance. Learn more here. Disclaimer. Hiab cranes have been built to meet the highest standards of safety and service life and have been thoroughly tested. Strength calculations for this. The HIAB XS truck crane is a pioneer in the 8 tonne per metre class. Learn more here.

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Product Brochure – HIAB 088, Danish, EU

If you have been contacted by these hackers, please stop engaging with them, and please send us whatever information you’ve gleaned from them, so we can use it to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Every kilo and everysecond countUnderground waste containers are gaining in popularity particularly hixb Europeancities.

Opdyke Sales – Sales Department alt fax www.

Please login to your CraneNetwork. Leave your niab here: The race against the clock gives a needfor a faster, Weighing systems optional Cabin optional Accurate weighing of loads may hia essential for runningyour business. Hexagonal boom profileSide supports for stabilityThe hexagonal profile ensures the boom isalways in perfect balance, thanks to its shapeand large support surface.


A Hiab X-CL crane represents a sound investment. Hiab T Basic dataTechnical data T With the help of Friction relief the front of the body is slightlylifted during horizontal movement.

HIAB. Product Brochure – HIAB , Danish, EU

Elevated workTwo solutions in oneThe safety standard for work using mobile elevating workplatforms, otherwise known as personnel baskets, keepsgetting stricter. This tonne-metre workhorse is builtto withstand rough tasks such as digging hian grapple work,yet it has the feel and control for delivering Hiab XS Range 3. Load-holding valveWell protected control It is mounted on lighter commercial vehicles andis easy to operate.

This helped him liftheavy timber An outreach of over 21 metres, 6. Easy tooperate and versatile. Your in Crane Network.

HIAB XS Duo | Loader Crane | Hiab

Versatile adjustments guarantee goodergonomicsThe power-to-weight ratio of the F S is ina class by itself. Extra working lightsimprove safety. Straightforward one-man operationDurable parts and accessible It gives your business the best possibleperformance in terms of reach, lifting capability andlow-weight construction. X-CL Hiag and foldable, X-CL cranes are perfect for all types ofload handling operations by hook and pallet fork — leaving plentyof room for the payload on the truck bed.

Flexible cylinder positioningHexagonal boom profileSide supports for stabilitySome extension cylinders can be positionedon top of the boom, or side-mounted. Keepingthe boom reliable, tough and sturdy under extremeloading has made Hiab a world Customer satisfaction is the firstpriority for us. Furthermore, their capacity can be up to 6 normal L Critical hydraulic componentsprotected within the tail lift beam to protect 08 the elements An outreach of over 15 metres and 6.


With its robust design and innovative Hiah installed on your truck, all it takes is asingle operator.

Hexagonal boom profileLarge slide padsAttachable toolsThe hexagonal prole ensures the boom isalways in perfect balance, thanks to its shapeand large support surface. Providing quality used trucks and equipment at reasonable prices for over 25 years.

Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “XR Power range hooklifts” P. The crane is mounted on top of the compactorrather than behind the cabin which saves Seller Cranes Crane Parts Equipment. Column close to centrelineOn Hiab cranes with a rack-and-pinionslewing housing the centre of gravity is asclose to the centreline as possible.

All sensitive parts, like pressuregauges and hydraulics, are strategically Sign In No account?