hilal-i ahmer. Meanings of “hilal-i ahmer” with other terms in English Turkish Dictionary: 1 result(s). Category, Turkish, English. General. 1, General, osmanlı. The Hilal-i Ahmer Association, today’s Red. Crescent, was founded in Turkey, in April The initial services were observed during the. Ottoman-Russian War. View the profiles of people named Hilali Ahmer. Join Facebook to connect with Hilali Ahmer and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to.

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The Ottoman Army was in need of medical instruments. The living members together with the new ones founded the Ottoman Red Crescent under the presidency of Dr. The first one reflects modern Turkish usage and the second one was Ottoman Turkish usage. In the lights of these statistics it is safe to argue that the obvious characteristics of the first founders of the Ottoman Red Crescent was the dominant quality of being either members of minorities or foreign subjects as well as the elitist character of the movement.

According to Article 1, the executer of the decree both in Istanbul and the provinces was the municipalities.

Tureng – hilal-i ahmer – Turkish English Dictionary

The first and the foremost type of the activities are those on ahhmer basis of which the Red Cross and Crescent Movements emerged. This included the history, regulation, central and provincial administration, types of activities, the Ottoman Red Crescent Delegation of Women, financial data and the personalities of the leading figures of the Ottoman Red Crescent.

Since the army moved westwards toward the Sinai Hi,ali, the health committee followed the troops. The historical background of the Ottoman Red Crescent was discussed in detail between the pages pp. Ahmfr interesting case was of Miralay Cafer Bey who was imprisoned in Athens by the Greek as a war criminal.

A final example can be given from the War of Independence. As will be understood from the title of this study, in many ways the Ottoman Red Crescent was in the service of the Ottoman state. The first period witnessed only a limited number of new Ottoman Red Crescent centers, branches.

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All sources on the history of Ottoman Red Crescent agree that such an institution was a later outcome due to the disinterest and lack of sufficient government support.

Initially the medical and other type of equipment was provided by the Ottoman Red Crescent.

The Kayseri medical treatment center aided the Third Army Ibid p. The Ottoman Red Crescent is a voluntary relief organization not prompted in any manner by desire of gain. The third and final foundation of the Ottoman Red Crescent witnessed founding members.

With these donations Ottoman Red Crescent made several important activities in order to help army with medical assistance. It operated under the provision of the article 17 which regulated the conditions for hilli societies pertaining to the public good menafii-i umumiye hadim.

One of the most significant sides of western philanthropic understanding was to operate in the light of neutrality and without any ethnic and religious discrimination.

This was a dramatic period when floods of refugees dominated the country, and poverty, and scarcity became widespread; and aher the other hand Ottoman society hilall deep political changes in such a short period.

hilal-i ahmer

It is a legitimate question whether to include Ottoman Zhmer Crescent relief activities of disasters into this type of activities or not. Hillali 25 Augustthe International Committee decided to convene an international conference in Geneva, under its own responsibility, to study ways of overcoming the inadequacy of army medical services. Thus, the number of associations founded has decreased by The Ottoman elite, men and women, came together within the Ottoman Red Crescent.

The last type of Ottoman Red Crescent activities are related to international connections of the Ottoman Red Crescent. In the choice and course of the activities the Ottoman Red Crescent followed a pragmatic policy in which an attempt for practicality was evident.

Furthermore, the Delegation of Women was only permitted to collect donations. The Ottoman Red Crescent always followed an expansionist behavior in order to spread both its types and quantity of its activities which sometimes the state wanted it to enter various activities. The ten centers in the provinces were as follows: However, it seems to be more appropriate to list them as a part of a separate fourth type of activity, since during the eradisaster relief operations did not emerge so much as the task of the Red Cross- Crescent.


Municipalities, according to the 50th article, do not have the right to inspect the financial accounts of any branch or center of the Ottoman Red Crescent. Then in by holali sponsorship of the government a new Executive Committee was formed. A great amount of medicine was donated to the Army.

After the war years, when the case was remembered, one Ottoman Red Crescent figure claimed abmer he did not eat any donkey-meat. Various modifications were soon introduced into both Conventions. The Ottoman Red Crescent Central Committee or various provincial centers of the Ottoman Red Crescent provided the equipment of the hospitals of military sanitation administration.

Among these sources, two approaches to the Ottoman Red Crescent phenomenon can be observed.

Books were sent to these centers. The same goes for Dernek and Cemiyet. The Ottoman government ratified the Convention on 5 July Later on, another Convention, annexed to the Final act of the Hague Conferenceextended the same principles to maritime war.

Due to the following war of Independence followed, the same practice occurred and the Ottoman Red Crescent General Assembly met in Thus, the study will explore the background and validity of this notion from a closer outlook.

At the extraordinary general congresses of 9 December and 28 Februarythe General Assembly gave its consent to refugee hllali activities and delegated the required authority to the Central Committee. The Executive Committee decided to meet once a week.

Thus the Ottoman Red Crescent is to provide the necessary instruments and the required employers to fulfill its duties.