The Refutation of All Heresies [Hippolytus of Rome] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hippolytus of Rome ( – AD) was the most. Philosophumena; or, The refutation of all heresies, formerly attributed to Origen, but now to Hippolytus, bishop and martyr, who flourished about. Full text of “Philosophumena; or, The refutation of all heresies, formerly attributed to Origen, but now to Hippolytus, bishop and martyr, who flourished about

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There is among the Persians in a city Ampa, near the river Tills, a well; and near the well, at the top, has been constructed a certain reservoir, supplied with three outlets; and when one pumps from this well, and draws off some of its contents in a vessel, refhtation is thus pumped out of the well, whatever it is at all, he pours into the reservoir hard by.

Now the pattern of this is the cosmos, wherefore it has become spherical in form by Divine power. But he says that God is eternal, and one and alike on every side, and finite and spherical in form, and conscious 5 in all His parts.

But to those who wish to become disciples of the sect, they do not immediately deliver their rules, unless they have previously tried them.

For, he says, he becomes a god when, having risen from the dead, he hippilytus enter into heaven through a gate of this kind. For if he who is born under the point of Sagittarius’ arrow must be slain, as the astrologers 1 say, how was it that so many barbarians who fought against the Greeks at Marathon or p.

Hippolytus: Refutation of All Heresies – Book 5

And that certain atmospheric exhalations arise in places where the stars shine; wherefore, also, when these exhalations are obstructed, that eclipses take place. Socrates was the hearer of this latter philosopher. For the entire of the power belonging unto herself, Edem conferred upon Elohim as a sort of nuptial dowry. But Aetius, de Placit. Dollinger’s Hippolytus unci Kallistus was published by Plummer, Edinburgh,and brings the contro- versy heeresies to date.


Hippolytus of Rome

As for the tenets and practices of the Persians, Egyptians and others, supposed on the strength of the statement at the beginning of Book V to have been narrated in Books II and III, nothing further is here said concerning them, and, by the little table of contents with which Book X like the others is prefaced, it will appear that nothing was intended to be said. Put forth an effort, therefore, Jesus, Son of man, not to be allured, but preach this word unto men, and carry back tidings to them of things pertaining to the Father, and things pertaining to the Good One, and ascend to the Good One, and sit there with Elohim, Father of us all.

Now, he philosophized while delivering discourses in the Lyceum ; but Zeno in the Painted Porch. And the Greeks, deriving refutstion mystical expression from the Egyptians, preserve it until this day.

Then again they come together into one place, and encircle themselves with linen girdles, for the purpose of concealing their private parts.

If this were so, we might be prepared to take Photius’ description as not necessarily accurate in every detail j yet, as we have it, it is almost a perfect description of our text. The Perfect Man therefore cannot, he says, be saved, unless, entering in through this gate, he be born again. And that the heat of the stars is not felt by us because of their great distance from the earth ; but yet their heat refutaton not like that of the sun from their occupying a colder region.

He first introduced the dogma of the incomprehensibility of all things, so that he might argue on either side of the question, but assert nothing dogmati- cally. For they say that these are the names of them among the Gentiles, and they have been derived with altered denominations from the energy of the maternal angels.

Refutation of All Heresies

But already some one also distinguishes water mingled with wine. And in addition to all these is the tetrad, a female number; and the same also is called even, because it is female. For even stones, he affirms, are animated, for they possess what is capable of increase; but increase would not at any time take place without nourishment, for it is by accession that things which are being increased grow, but accession is the nourishment of things that are nurtured.


Assigning to each of those who take the lead among philosophers their own peculiar tenets, we shall publicly exhibit these heresiarchs as naked and unseemly. In the third place is the triad, a male p.

These are, he says, what are by all called the secret mysteries, “which also we speaknot in words taught of human wisdom, but in those taught of the Spirit, comparing spiritual things with spiritual. And of all men, we Christians alone are those who in the third gate celebrate the mystery, and are anointed there with the unspeakable chrism from a horn, as David was heresieesnot from an earthen vessel, he says, as was Saul, who held converse with the evil demon of carnal concupiscence.

Therefore this also is involuntary, if to gain a victory be voluntary; so that, in every point of view, the committing an act of turpitude, reason proves to be involuntary. The Phrygians, however, assert, he says, that he is likewise “a green ear of corn reaped.

It is a subtle power, that insinuates itself by means of some impulsive quality in a fragrance, which is inconceivable and better than could be expressed by words.

Hippolytus: Refutation of All Heresies – Book 1

And that any one is like God when he becomes holy and just with intention. This, he says, is what the poets also affirm, and what even appals the gods: And they do not own two cloaks, or a double set of shoes; and when those that are in present use become antiquated, then they adopt others.

Still all parties alike expect Messiah, inasmuch as the Law certainly, and the prophets, preached beforehand that He was about to be present on earth.