: Il mago dei numeri () by Hans Magnus Enzensberger and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books. : Il mago dei numeri () by Enrico (trans.) Enzensberger Hans Magnus; Ganni and a great selection of similar New, Used and. Questions About Il Mago dei numeri. by Hans Magnus Enzensberger. Reader Q&A. To ask other readers questions about Il Mago dei numeri, please sign up.

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Jun 01, Cali rated it did not like it. It was exactly that: And obvious spoiler, but Robert comes to appreciate math by the end of the book.

They have a warning at the end of the book telling readers that they should listen to their teacher and use the proper name instead of the dream term. Robert, the young dreamer of The Number Devilhas a problem with mathematics.

Is a tale where departing of elemental concepts as natural numbers,prime numbers,powers and square roots introduce more advanced concepts as triangular numbers,Pascal triangle and his properties,permutations,combinations,properties of numerable sets of numbers,convergence of power series,divergence of armonic series and a introduction to topological results as the Euler characteristic of a graph and a poliedre and the Klein bottle ending with reflections of the idea of mathematical demostration and a brief decription of the greatest mathematicians.

The Number Devil gives mathematical concepts silly names, calling prime numbers “prima donna numbers” and exponents “hopping numbers,” which could be confusing, but there’s a guide at the end of the book which explains what everything is really called.

After the fourth night, Robert was not able to find the Number Devil until he dreamt of himself on a beach where the Number Devil taught him about triangular numbers.

Il Mago dei numeri — Reader Q&A

You have so many information in which you don’t know, in this world. Tapi ya wajar juga sih. I enjoyed this book myself because I love learning new concepts as well magi how they make sense in the real world. As somebody that already knows the mathematical concepts, this book was a big disappointment. Middle school teachers can spice up their lectures with a enzwnsberger from this book. Simpel dan benar-benar tepat sasaran sesuai judul bukunya. See 1 question about The Number Devil….


The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure

On the ninth night Robert dreamt he was sick with the flu. And some seemed unnecessary – is “Bonacci numbers” really that much easier to remember than “Fibonacci numbers”?

This can be connected to anything, not just math. Refresh and try again. The math is then explained via conversation between the main character and the number devil, so you really have to reflect on the topics after each chapter to understand them.

Ini, lho, ada novel yang beneran bahas perkara angka2 dengan balutan cerita. Ini bukan dongeng, bukan pula memoar.

Robert discovers triangle number, Bonacci numbers, imaginary numbers, and irrational numbers. I was way behind in maths going into high school, and I have learnt so much from this book in months.

Sep 16, Kelly rated it it enzensberber amazing Shelves: But as he stood in front of his mirror in his pajamas, brushing his teeth, he felt something tickling his chest and looked down to see a tiny five-pointed star on a thin golden chain.

Apr 08, Dany Hdz rated it really liked it. This book doesn’t have a ton enzensbegrer story, but just enough to make it a page turner. Characters In the book, Math Devil teaches math to this boy named Robert Who hate Math ,many interesting facts about math, and the secret be Count as 2 books Review 3 and 4 I have read the book “The Number Devil” because my grandpa sent it to me from Japan in Japanese translation.

Random math thinly disguised as a enzensberged. Along the way, he makes math fun and interesting and accessible. Bockel and thanking the Number Devil for helping him. It teaches advanced mathematics in a way so children can understand. This book should go back to the hellhole where it came from.


The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure by Hans Magnus Enzensberger

There are many properties explored throughout the book, like triangle numbers and Bonacci numbers, and the book teaches you about concepts these numbers can be applied to in real world situations, like the birth of rabbits, or the arrangement of desks. He also learned, through self motivation inspired by his “new trick” to multiply any number you could throw at him by eleven. Seperti membaca buku dongeng untuk anak-anak saja.

Feb 11, Jose Moa rated it really liked it Shelves: View all 4 comments. Jun mgao, Kelly Mahoney rated it liked it Shelves: Kover ini juga lah salah satu faktor yang membuat saya memutuskan membeli buku ini.

Bonacci and his rabbit clock a peculiar eared device where the markings correspond to months rather than hourswhile the tenth night of dreaming is devoted to enzsnsberger golden ratio.

I don’t know of anyone else who has actually bothered to point out that it’s not just the Fibonacci sequence which turns up the golden ratio. To ask other readers questions about The Number Devilplease sign up. Homeschoolers can it as a unique supplemental text. The book has a plot, but I think it’s rather meant to get you thinking as a reader.

But if it gets kid’s reading about math then go go go. He couldn’t believe his eyes. As ever in The Number Devilno reference is made to the historical precedent, no explanation is given about the allusion.