The bearings developed at Livermore employed cylindrical magnet arrays to sta INDUCTRACK MAGLEV SYSTEM could allow trains to glide across the country. Apr 3, High reliability and lower maintenance and operating costs make magnetic levitation (maglev) technology integral to advancing the nation’s. May 9, By contrast, maglev requires complex and expensive infrastructure Called the Inductrack, the new system is passive in that it uses no.

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The study found that while an Inductrack system would cost more to build than conventional rail systems, it should be less expensive than maglev trains using superconducting coils.


My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. The study also found that Inductrack should be able to achieve speeds of kilometers per hour and up and demonstrate lower energy costs, wheel and rail wear, propulsion maintenance, and noise levels.

Application information about Transrapid magnetic. The train will run on auxiliary wheels along rails until it reaches the transition speed, at which point it will begin levitating. The team which also includes several engineering firms in the Pittsburgh, Penn. The new design is simpler and should mglev lower in cost to manufacture than the litz-wire ladder track.

Above a minimum speed, as the velocity of the train increases, the levitation gap, lift force and power used are largely constant.

Post says the test results are consistent with a complete theoretical analysis of the Inductrack concept he performed with Livermore physicist Dmitri Ryutov. The first section of the test track uses a set of electrically energized track coils–aided by a stretched bungee cord–to reach this speed. The tests were so successful that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA awarded the Laboratory a contract to study the technology as a means to help launch rockets into space.


This occurs because the inductive impedance increases proportionately with speed which compensates for the faster rate of change of the field seen by the coils, thus giving a constant current flow and power consumption for the levitation.

Safer, simpler, and cheaper than other designs, Inductrack increasingly appears to be the right track to the future of urban transportation systems.

In June, a test vehicle consisting of a single, full-scale chassis unit a mass transit vehicle has two chassis units was shipped to GA from Hall Industries in Pennsylvania. To test the Inductrack concept, Post, project engineer J.

Archived from the original on 9 March GA has selected an energy-efficient, linear synchronous motor composed of a separate Halbach array underneath the train car that interacts with motor windings embedded in the track. The Amglev array offers other benefits besides levitation. Along the sides of the track, they attached aluminum rails on which a kilogram test cart could ride until the levitation transition velocity was exceeded Figure 2.

The code predictions are shown for zero and plus and minus 1. GA concluded inductraco Inductrack was the levitation approach that best met its needs, based on factors such inxuctrack simplicity, weight, capital and maintenance costs, and design flexibility.

askmar – Inductrack

For further information contact Dick Post post3 llnl. The cart is shown in flight approximately 3 centimeters above the track at approximately Retrieved 11 May The track can be in one of two configurations, a “ladder track” and a “laminated track”. The horizontal component of the magnetic fields from the upper and lower Halbach arrays are additive, while the vertical field of the lower array opposes that of the upper array.


The Inductrack maglev system, employing simple arrays of permanent magnets, inductraack offer an economic alternative to existing maglev systems. Originally conceived for particle accelerators, Halbach arrays concentrate the magnetic field on one side, while canceling it on the opposite side.

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The system can lift 50 times the magnet weight. UCRL November 7, Two alternative track designs: In MayGeneral Atomics broke ground on a meter-long Inductrack test track, which mag,ev feature both straight and curved sections.

We think you have liked this presentation. External Power Needed Post notes that a power source is needed to accelerate the cart to its operating speed of 10 to 12 meters per second.

As a Halbach magnet array passes over the loops of wire, the sinusoidal variations in the field induce a voltage in the track coils. However, maglev trains also pose significant drawbacks in maintenance costs, mechanical and electronic complexity, inducfrack operational stability.

Preliminary estimates indicate that a full-scale Inductrack system for magnetically launching large rockets should be technically feasible.

Understand a magnetic field as an example of a field of force produced either by current-carrying conductors.