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Spring Drayer Dept Elec Engineering ELEN Electrical Engineering 3 Electromagnetics I Vector analysis, coordinate systems, static and quasi-static electric fields, electric potential, dielectrics, capacitance, current, conductance, magnetic vector potential, electromagnetic forces.

Satisfies the Communication core curriculum requirement. Graded on a credit CR or no-credit F basis. CPSC Computer Science COSC Computer Science 3 Distributed Comp Systems The study of the characteristics of a collection of autonomous computers linked by a network, with software designed to produce an integrated computing facility that intends to present a transparent virtual machine to application programmers. Consent of instructor Offered: May be repeated for credit when topic of investigation varies.

Field practice and calculations associated with design and layout of small construction projects. Computer control using digital signal processing techniques in time and frequency domains.

COSC and CPSC or equivalent or advisor approval Computer Science COSC Computer Science 3 Adv Comput Graphics The course focuses on topics current to the field and includes, but is not limited to, areas such as design and construction of computer graphics systems, both software and hardware, the theory and use of color and shading, and algorithms for solid object modeling.

Spring Communications COMM Communications 3 Broadcast Announcing The study and practice of good voice and diction as it pertains to performing orally for the electronic media.


Educational Leadership EDLD Educational Leadership 3 Multimedia Video Technology Introduction to video design and production in the education area involving the use of hardware, software and conversion tools. Decision Analysis 9 4: Introduction to systems simulation and industrial dynamics. Students become aware of the legal framework of common business transactions. Accepted practice for sensor-based microprocessor and microcomputer data acquisition and processing systems instrumentation amplifier circuits.

The fundamentals of research design, interpretation, and communication of results will be provided. Leveling course not for graduate credit in MSCS degree.

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Students will assess and compare their own personal competencies to the administrative needs of a selected school. The participants’ individual use of the software in the preference elicitation phase was an essential new characteristic of these conferences. We analyze and make observations on this approach in two one-day decision conferences on the planning of later phase countermeasures in off-site nuclear emergency management.

Beams, plates and shells made from composites. Principles of multimedia design and production including the tools for presentation of ineb.

Educational Leadership EDUD Education 3 Synthesis Seminar Completion of a student proficiency assessment comprised of a portfolio, synthesis paper and oral presentation. Emphasis in leadership, conflict management, group problem solving, productivity, and conference planning in corporate and public settings.

Efficiency concepts for both the private and public sectors are discussed. Spring Sociology, Soc Work, Crim Just CRIJ Criminal Justice 3 Comm Resources in Corrections An introductory study of the role of the community in corrections; community programs for adults and juveniles; administration of community programs; legal issues; future trends in community treatment.

Gaussian elimination and matrix decomposition. Educational Leadership EDUD Education 3 Independent Study Supervised investigation into special areas of education under the direction of a graduate faculty member. This course must be taken three times before enrolling in senior thesis. Accepted practice for sensor based microprocessor and microcomputer data acquisition and processing systems. The course concentrates on conceptual financial accounting issues that users of accounting information need to understand.


Because of the nature of the doctoral program, special emphasis will be placed upon these theories in educational leadership settings.

The work may be supervised by any member of the graduate faculty. Introduction to pre-stressed concrete. Maxwell’s Equations, plane waves, transmission lines and Smith chart analysis.

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Other Communications COMM Communications 3 Film Production I An introductory course focusing on the theory and practice of film production including script writing, shooting and editing. Students are introduced to fundamental analysis concepts and techniques that can be used to critique and interpret the financial health of the firm.

Will take an evolutionary view of these solutions and will focus on how organisms maintain homeostasis. Formulate and manipulate switching functions. Real-time scheduling algorithims and schedulability analysis, and formal analysis and verification of real-time systems.

table of descriptions – Lamar University

Consideration given to pre-stressing or post-stressing of beams and structural components. Development of personal counseling skills will be of major concern.

The course is a prerequisite to all other technology courses. Case studies are used. Spring Computer Science COSC Computer Science 3 Career Development III Student works full-time during the semester for an off-campus enterprise in work that exposes 2620 student to a work environment similar to that which will be encountered upon graduation.

Lab activities may include job site visits, Habitat for Humanity, and performing field tests.