INSIDE APPLE reveals the secret systems, tactics and leadership Adam Lashinsky provides readers with a golden ticket to step inside. I have just finished reading Adam Lashinsky’s latest book,. Inside Apple, which takes readers behind the tightly-controlled scenes of Apple. In Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired — and Secretive — Company Really Works, Adam Lashinsky, a senior editor at Fortune.

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How has Apple changed since he passed away last year? But the Apple that emerges in Lashinsky’s book is a high-stress nose-to-the-grindstone, need-to-know culture where the focus is exclusively on a narrow range of activities associated with one’s current work assignment. I suppose if you zealously believe in your products and have the focus and commitment to make them work then you will take the risk to adxm the money necessary to fulfill them, rather than produce only as much as you think you can frugally afford.

This Is How Apple Keeps the Secrets | Fortune

The appearance is collegiate, but good luck auditing a class. The author has quite clearly defined how Apple has become the Apple today aple what differentiated them from other companies and what brought them to their fame and status today. It is a somewhat generalized insight into Apple Corporation structure and methods, more about Apple and less about Steve Jobs, though he can hardly be ignored in any work about Apple. Opening the iTunes Store. Think extreme secrecy, internally and externally.

Inside Apple

Valley engineers love to swap stories about their work, but Apple engineers have a reputation for keeping to themselves. Its people do not typically multitask; they focus on one thing. Rather hire then promote.

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After four chapters are we seeing notable characteristics? The precise words Apple uses to communicate its message are repeated so many times that everyone, internally and externally, can recite them by heart.

That is, how they have succeeded by doing the opposite of what ‘great’ companies do. Being fired for blabbing is a well-founded concern. Jobs made a habit of personally conveying to employees the confidentiality of all-company broadcasts. In the booklet is a legal statement whose message is clear: I think eventually he will put his stamp on Apple, in that it will be more professional, it will do more things and it may be more evenhanded and less quirky.

Otherwise, status fluctuates with the prominence of the products on which one works. Apple employees do not move around much or get generalized experience.

A little heavy on the culture, and not as much on the groundbreaking products introduced in the post-Jobs return but it will take you through Apples environment, retail and marketing strategy. Authors briefly discussed what Apple may do better without Jobs and what Apple could not emulate without Jobs.

Apple has done relatively few acquisitions. Additionally, they have odd relationships with analysts, marketing agencies and there media. Log In or sign up to comment. There is the obvious kind, the secrecy that Apple lashinssky as lshinsky way of keeping its products and practices hidden from competitors and the rest of the outside world.

The difference is that at Apple everything is a secret. It’s very obvious that he didn’t read the autobiography by walter isaacson. Almost nobody describes working at Apple as being fun. Apple iOS 8 Granska 2 3 Dec 13, Here’s to hoping they make an Excel clone to compete with an increasingly irrelevant Microsoft, because that’s my indicator for how great the new Macbook Air is going to be. Everything was for Steve and ultimately credited to Steve.


Apple will find anything that requires a personal touch to be harder without Steve Jobs.

This Is How Apple Keeps the Secrets

Product dictates finance, not vice versa. There is obviously a negative to this secrecy. Extreme obsessiveness, focus, and attention to detail. Apple is a military-like command-and-control organization where people lashinsmy down in the organization manage up.

It’s an interesting look into how a multi-national company can often bend to one person’s will while trying to keep its rhythm of business alive. This would not necessarily be the vice presidents in the inner- or outer-ring of senior management.

People below manage up, and people at the top manage down.

Efficient, but requiring, oh my, focus and attention to detail. I liked how the book was somewhat opinion based, and how the author really researched and thought through the book. Tony Avelar—Bloomberg via Getty Images. Employees do have one important source of information, however: Another former executive described the Apple culture in similar terms.

Talk about Apple, to anyone, even other employees, and lashibsky done. Apple employees know something big is afoot when the carpenters appear in their office building. So restrictive is access to the lab that few Apple employees have ever seen inside its doors. Being fired for blabbing is a well-founded concern. They have to get the next major shift in the industry correct, as they have done the last few shifts.