you for drawing something that made me excited to keep writing and going above and beyond with your interludes. Somethin’ I Can Hold Onto (Klaine, R). on to BTVS and have recently become obsessed with Klaine and Glee fiction a message containing any interludes I write before I publish them on this site. Maritime Interludes “so here’s my little diddy for the klaine book project’s second and most recent book. merman!kurt, human!blaine rating.

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Kurt va avoir 26 ans. Kurt wants Blaine to uncurl and unclench and look up and see Kurt standing before him. I’m terrible at LJ etiquette, especially in terms of fandom so I never know if I’m supposed to reply to klaone or supposed to not clog up people’s message notifications, etc. Keeping My Love Safe by: Previous Entry Next Entry Fic: When he turns around, Kurt can tell he scared him out of a deep reverie.

Blaine discovers that the best way to combat Kurt is to make friends with him, but can they actually get along?

Klaine fic recs

He is gifted to Kurt by his buyer in order to gain favour with newly elected Congressman Hummel. Author has written 6 stories for Buffy: Blaine is a vet. Then he meets Dr Anderson and things start to change.

He has no one else to turn to, and Kurt volunteers to take him in, believing that he can rehabilitate Blaine. The rest is serendipity. I am also on Livejournal with the same name, sometimes chapters of both of my stories will be posted there before they show up here.


Crescendos by shandyall Fandoms: Broken by lolitarun reviews Lying there in the other boy’s arms, Blaine finally felt like the pieces were put back together and he was whole. Sequel to The Light at the End. The highs and lows of the boys, and their myriad of friends, during the two years they all grow up. One chapter for each character, detailing what happened during their day and how it affected them.

.:Scarves & :. Interludes by shandyall

Kurt is in the basement of the English building when he hears a familiar tune. Kurt was having a bad day until he found badboy! Good thing they have a long summer ahead interluded them and plenty of firsts to figure out together. Chapter 17 by shandyall [ Reviews – 25 ] words. Two years later, Blaine makes a confession. I just, I wanted to say hi.

He’s just kliane reticent and he honestly believes he can get by saying as little as possible. Kurt takes a step towards Blaine and reaches out to put a gentle hand on his shoulder, in hopes that Blaine will look up at him. He already feels like an outsider, but when he meets his new Watcher it seems that things can only get worse.

Kurt and Blaine discover the joys of sexting and phone sex in the week before they lose their virginities. Glee, Kurt Hummel, Blaine Anderson, and all other recognizable characters, settings, etc. When he meets Kurt Hummel in a park, ibterludes discovers he needs a nanny to help him control his girls. Kllaine chapter meant a lot to me. Poll In my story Keys of Knowledge, Xander will be making an appearance. As Kurt finished up high school, he had plans to finally escape Ohio with Blaine, but when tragedy strikes, both Blaine and Kurt must try to contend with obstacles they never dreamed of encountering.


Kurt decides he wants to be a little more informed on all this sex stuff.

A few days after their 2nd wedding anniversary, Kurt is in an accident and falls into a coma. I just realized how quick your turn-around is, and I really hope that people aren’t pressuring you into writing!

I am so happy that I am re-reading this story. Tags cadences circle of fifths crescendos interludes overtures staccatos the symphony verse View my Tags page. Chapter Text Kurt is in the basement of the English building when he hears a familiar tune. It wouldn’t be so bad, except he’s being targeted by the school bully; Kurt Hummel. When Kurt Hummel was six years old, he told his mother he wanted a soulmate.

Poison and Wine by: Please consider turning it on! He hasn’t heard from her, not a word, since she left on Obama’s campaign trail. Can he help Kurt believe in love once again?