The resistivity interpretation was carried out using both manual (Koefoed ) and computerized (IPI2win ) interpretation to compute the true depths and. IPI2win is a program for 1D automatic and manual interpretation of VES curves. Interpretation mode VES curves could be received with different. The field data obtained have been analyzed using computer software (IPI2win) which gives an automatic interpretation of the apparent resistivity. The VES.

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Additional titles containing ipi2win manual. Profile inversion [Ctrl-F3] implements the opi2win interpretation for all sounding curves of the currently opened profile using current model parameters for each point as the initial model.

The command line must be as follows:. Introduction Water is renewable resource occurs in three forms liquid, solid and gaseous. IPI2Win Controls This section contains a brief description of IPI2Win menu items those of the menu bar are underlined and ipi22win with the corresponding hot-keys in the rectangular brackets [ More CopyTrans Control Center 4. Delete all results clears model parameters for all VES points currently displayed. The junior member of our highly praised PDF-XChange range of software tools aimed at users wishing to create the smallest PDF files available – from any Windows application software.

Let represent the potential difference. Both the survey procedures resistivity profiling and resistivity sounding VES have been carried out. Archives of Physics Research,2: It offers a number of automatic options for fixing images, as well as advanced options for further automatic or manual image editing.

Restart your computer when the installation is finished. Groundwater is the main source for potable water supply, domestic, industry al and agricultural uses. More Ashampoo UnInstaller 8.


The occurrence of these changes are likely due to changes in the geological layers in the area. VES has been conducted at 36 locations with 2AB50 m. Model also available via context menu: More Ashampoo WinOptimizer Study of groundwater geology is much useful for all the activities of human life.

The VES results revealed heterogeneous nature of the subsurface geological sequence. The geologic sequence beneath the study area is composed of top soil, weathered layer, partly weathered and mqnual basement. More Nuance Omnipage Under geophysical prospecting, one of the electrical methods is schlumberger array of electrical mnual method.

Print curves [Ctrl-P] prints the curve currently displayed and the table of the cross-sections parameters for the corresponding sounding point. To meet out the demand of water, people are depending more on aquifers. OmniPage Professional formerly Scansoft allows business professionals to achieve new levels of productivity by eliminating the manual reproduction of documents.

Groundwater is more advantageous than the surface water. The result showed that the potency of groundwater in around Malang City based on IPI2WIN method is still high for use not only to domestic water supply but also for irrigation. The scarcity of groundwater increases day by day due to rapid population, lpi2win, industrial and agricultural related activities, natural calamities, and etc.

The total study area of Sq. More User Manual 1. Measurement of Resistivity In general for measuring the resistivity of the sub surface formation four electrodes are required.

Copy curve stores theoretical curve standard spacings and corresponding apparent resistivity values in the Clipboard; items stored can be pasted into a spreadsheet.


Getting started

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Descriptions containing ipi2win manual. The schlumberger array was used to ensure deep penetration and for logistics of limited man power in the field [2]. The field data obtained have been analyzed using computer software IPI2win which gives mabual automatic interpretation of the apparent resistivity.

There are iipi2win end members in spectrum of types of aquifers; confined and unconfined with semi confined aquifer being in between them Ogungbe1 A.

Free ipi2win manual Download – ipi2win manual for Windows

Last [End] displays the sounding curve and model properties for the last sounding point of the current. EXE by any appropriate means. The Study Area Study area is located in the city of Malang. After this, click the Next button of the window.

If so, click the Install button of the window. The set also includes this manual and a protective plug. IPI2WIN Program is a program that was designed to analyze data from ipi2won geo-electric measurements on a single piece automatically or semi-automatically to get the smallest error.

Results of VES data interpretations with classifications of groundwater types.

The program lets users optimize colors and contrasts for single photos or entire collections with a few clicks. Export displays the list of data formats to choose the mode of saving IPI data.

Skip to main content. The present study focuses on identification of fracture zone and its thickness by using geoelectrical resistivity method.