Régis Soavi regularly conducts workshops at the dojos in Milano, Paris, Toulouse and Rome, and at the summer workshop of the Itsuo Tsuda School in Mas. L’ecole Itsuo Tsuda propose la découverte de la philosophie pratique de Maître Tsuda à travers l’Aïkido et le Katsugen Undo. Exposition à l’occasion de la publication du livre “Itsuo Tsuda calligraphies de Printemps.

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It makes no sense. I practise everyday, there is a sacred aspect one can retrieve in that.

He had never practised any martial arts. While practicing the movement, our consciousness, instead of being anxious like that of someone ill, remains calm and serene. A peaceful strength, not aggressive, but full and rich of the imagination and the desire to make the world better.

During this workshop I saw my teacher, who was an actual budoka, attacking tsjda with determination and at any time Tsuda was not there, he was dodging, he had created void tsudq front of him.

Itsuo Tsuda

But what can you do? Hence the need for a development in the realm of thought. What I am interested in today is what teuda behind or more precisely what lies deep inside Aikido. The association Tenshin is established here since In other schools, some forms of this have been maintained, but a large part has been lost. And then people go teuda search in that direction. What is even more interesting is that the individual can activate his life force on his own, with no need for another person, no need to ask someone else to do it for him.


Que faisaient-ils, les vrais apprentis professionnels alors? Regenerating gsuda is not something we acquire from the exterior. The movement, after reaching a marked level of intensity, gradually becomes calmer. Aikido is an instrument of my evolution, it made me evolve, I just had to follow with perseverance and obstinacy the road that was opening in front of me, that was opening inside me.

Stages de Régis Soavi Sensei / – Itsuo Tsuda School

It was a discovery Master Noguchi made. This freedom was fundamental in his teaching. Some have chosen to dedicate much itsup their lives to it.

Habitually in martial arts, two adversaries confront each other and only one remains.

Hsuda teach us that the world is tough, that we absolutely need to gain our place in the sun, to learn to defend ourselves against other people, but are we so sure about that?

Some people come here to become stronger, to defend themselves, but no. This circulation brings us fullness, the feeling of being fully alive, everything disappears, there is nothing but the tsusa moment with its sensations, its colors, its music.

From basic knowledge to mass culture, when will he be respected as an individual full of the imagination that characterizes childhood?

What made you decide to consecrate to the Aikido of Itsuo Tsuda? We are seeking to understand what Ueshiba actually said.


Does the solution then lie in strength, muscular work and the violent arts? I wanted to speak more in depth of that, with Regis Soavi.

Meeting the breathing.

He was about 30 when he first met Noguchi, and 45 when he encountered Ueshiba. In the Chinese tradition, for instance, the classical martial arts were born, or in any case, greatly developped, in the Buddhist and Taoist monasteries. It is an unlimited nature which we take part tsuuda, in which we are immersed, which is fundamentally and inextricably linked to us, and yet which we find it so hard to reach tisuo even sometimes to feel.

I like the morning best because then one is more in the dimension of the involuntary, in a condition which enables the body to wake up and to prepare for the day. One does not perform Regenerating movement.

We also refuse people taking very strong medicines, like cortisone etc… because this type of medicine goes towards desensibilizing the persons, whereas the Regenerating Movement makes them retrieve a more vivid sensitivity. Tsud the posture finds back something natural, it is the return to the source, to the root of being.