Sunstroke: Selected Stories [Ivan Bunin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ”The Gentleman from San Francisco” is easily the best known of . The Sunstroke: Selected Stories of Ivan Bunin Community Note includes chapter- by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context. Finding the best translation for the concluding part of Ivan Bunin’s Sunstroke.

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A few of the book’s shorter stories—only a few sunsttroke each—intensely portray moments of anger, love and pain to demonstrate larger truths about human behavior. The epaulettes and the buttons of his tunic were scalding hot, so much that it hurt to touch them.

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Home About Poetry Reviews Translation. And suddenly he got up again, took his cap and his swagger stick, asked for directions to the post office and walked there in a hurry, having already composed a telegram: Boris rated it it was amazing Oct 31, Unlike some modern Russian authors, he really has the gift which Gorkys and Chekhovs possessed.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Feb 25, Amanda sunsyroke it it was amazing. In SunstrokeGraham Hettlinger has selected the “Gentleman” and twenty-four other stories and translated them afresh—several for the first time in English.

Reading this story was like walking in a shallow, sunny beach, barefoot. We want something that combines meanings 1 and 3. Sep 03, Connor rated it it was amazing. He died November 8, in Paris.

Within a minute they were walking past the sleepy ticket office, emerging in hub-deep sand and silently boarding a dusty carriage. She sailed away—at this point she is far, sitting, probably, in the white glass saloon or on deck, looking at that enormous river glistening under bujin sun, the oncoming rafts, the yellow sandbanks, and the water and sky glowing into the distance, that entire immeasurable expanse of the Volga.


Stories like this reminds us again and again, how unique Russian writers are from others.

Ahead of it, the dark summer sunset was becoming extinguished, gloomily, dreamily and diversifiedly reflected in the river, showing patches glimmering with tremulous ripples in the distance under the sunset, and the flames scattering in the darkness round the steamer were receding and receding.

The houses were all the same, white, two-story merchant houses with big yards—and it seemed that within them, there was not a soul; thick white dust covered the pavement, all of it was blinding him, all of it flooded with hot, white, flaming and joyful, but here, kind of pointless, sunlight. The wind had calmed, the room was stuffy and dry, like an oven.

Adzhamoglyan Sona rated it liked it Aug 18, Lists with This Book.

Sunstroke: Selected Stories

The lieutenant has grown up and feels more mature and confident. He found buunin walking on the fresh manure through the wagons, the cartloads of cucumbers, the brand new bowls and pots, the peasant women sitting on the ground hollering over each other, calling him, taking the pots in their hands and banging, the taps of their fingers ringing inside of them, demonstrating their worth, peasant men deafening him, yelling: Discover what to read next.

The texture of his poems and stories, sometimes referred to as “Bunin brocade”, is considered to be one of the richest in the language. The affair has burned out any expectation of happiness from affairs likely in the next ten years. There are many bunun, but the last sentence is generally rendered as: Just like yesterday there was a soft thud upon the ramp and a light dizziness from the instability underfoot, then the flying tail, the rumble of the water brewing and streaming ahead, under the wheels of the slightly retreating steamer.


She was still gay, and free, and—already level-headed. Or better yet, we both had something of a sunstroke.

It was too bizarre, unnatural, unbelievable! The lyric impulse that motivated so much of Bunin’s writing is evident throughout the stories in Sunstroke. The Best Books of Which do we prefer?

Sunstroke: Selected Stories by Ivan Bunin

The result is a collection that is remarkable in its crystalline prose, surprising in its vibrancy. And the crowds on the steamer, which ivah lit up already and wafting the smells of cooking, made everything seem remarkably welcoming and good. But, where could he go? Refresh and try again. Joanna rated it it was ok Feb 25, Sunstroke by Ivan Bunin.

Love is like a sunstroke: And the lieutenant marched back, head down, squinting from the light and focusing on his feet, wobbling, stumbling, spur catching on spur. Even if you read this short tale, you can understand sunstro,e Bunin won the Nobel Prize.

The line in question is an envoi, therefore, the resignation to what has already happened, not a climax or expectation. The plots of Bunin’s stories are not necessarily original, but their force and animation never fail to surprise; a brief introduction by the translator serves to put the writer in historical context.

And what actually happened? Denis Kudryashov rated it really liked it Mar 13,