Slovenian archaeologist Ivan Šprajc is behind discovery of three significant ruins in the remote jungles of the Yucatán peninsula. Ivan Šprajc. likes · 3 talking about this. Archaeology and archaeoastronomy of Mesoamerica. Ivan Šprajc. likes · 2 talking about this. Archaeology and archaeoastronomy of Mesoamerica.

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As There Actually Should A giant fang on the “monster mouth” portal at Lagunita.

Ivan Sprajc, the “Real Life Indiana Jones”, On the Hunt For Lost Mayan Cities In Mexico

It was there that he made his biggest discovery to date. Now that the planet spajc been mapped, circumnavigated, measured and tagged in every way imaginable, the age of explorers discovering new worlds seems a quaint memory. When we get to the site it feels like a big victory, like we’ve done it. His team will map what appears to be the core of a settlement, but there simply isn’t time or manpower to map it all, so hundreds of structures are left for others to survey and excavate.

See more at INAH. We think you’d also like. Any contribution will be greatly appreciated. Only when we found it, we realized we were at the site of Lagunita, which had been visited in the s by American archaeologist Eric Von Euw.

When he moved his explorations west into the Calakmul reserve things got more complicated. But in the heat of the jungle, science can only get you so far.

Since I have not had time to update the information on our fieldwork, which we concluded in late May, here is the INAH press release with a video and a photo gallery – click on the camera logo at the beginning: There is a huge amount of work to do The discovery of the three major urban Mayan centres aroused international attention due to their monumental architecture and stone monuments carved with Mayan glyphs.


Real-life Indiana Jones in Mexican adventure. However, any additional donation, allowing us to extend our fieldwork, may lead to more exciting findings and to the achievement of more comprehensive and meaningful results. Twice, he says, he has stumbled across jaguars. Detail of the hieroglyphs on a stela found at Lagunita. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

Professor Ivan Šprajc, PhD | Institute of Anthropological and Spatial Studies

But just why so many settlements were simply abandoned, long before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors, remains a mystery to which these long lost sites may provide an answer. Remains of cylindrical columns have been found on several spots, particularly common being small stone drums, which may have been parts of columns, but in many cases they seem to have served as altars.

Lagunita, the second site, has an impressive monster mouth facade on one of the buildings, representing an earth god related with fertility. He has never published his findings and nobody knew exactly where the place was; only his drawings, kept in the Peabody Museum, Harvard University, were known, allowing us to identify the site. Many buildings and architectural assemblages have uncommon configuration.

Poisonous snakes are more ubiquitous and more dangerous, he says, as well as the insects that transmit Chagas disease or leishmaniosis. But not so in the northern section of the peninsula and the Guatemala highlands, where there was no rupture until the arrival of the Spaniards.

Esta foto fue tomada en otra fecha. On several occasions we’ve had two, three weeks of just cutting through the bush to get to some location, without knowing what we would find.


The real-life Indiana Jones uncovering lost cities – CNN

Dying alone in Japan: Jose Francisco Hinojosa Hinojosa. As stated there, donors of sums above EUR will be mentioned in a list, while those contributing 3.

But in terms of the thrill of discovery, it doesn’t get any better than his encounter with Lagunita’s monster portal. Po sledeh Majev z moderno tehnologijo. This year Sprajc’s team found two – Tamchen and Lagunita – which followed last year’s discovery of a large site called Chactun.

Wednesday, 29 October,9: Sprajc says that the measurements were microscopic in comparison to the scope of the city:. Americas Archaeology Slovenia Europe Heritage news. He is not in the least proprietary about what he discovers, preferring to let other research teams dive in to the sites he has found to slowly excavate, catalogue and analyze what he finds. Poisonous snakes are more ubiquitous, he said, as well as the insects that transmit parasitic diseases. Lidar images helped us to locate and follow a few causeways.

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Archaeologist Šprajc returns to Yucatan for vital answers about the Maya

World Brewery recreates beer from bottles found on year-old shipwreck 30 Oct Zenith and Nadir Passages spranc the Sun in Mesoamerica: The best-preserved inscription is dated AD, by the Western calendar.

Twice he has stumbled across jaguars.

He teaches a Guardian Masterclass called ” How to write about art.