Mass and Balance covers the factors governing the loading of an aeroplane to ensure that the longitudinal centre of gravity and mass are within the structural. Questions-Mass-and-balance · View. Mass and Balance, Oxford · View. Mass and Balance ATPL · View. Operational Procedures · View. Buy JAA ATPL Mass & Balance – JA and other aviation books at yout pilot shop headquarters, Pilots HQ.

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The procedure for calculating and plotting the CG is specified on Page 25 using the pro forma on Page 26 and the trim envelope diagram on Page The standard masses include hand baggage and the mass of any infant below 2 years of age carried by an adult on one passenger seat.

Most large aeroplanes have a double main spar. The words you are searching are inside this book. The diagram at Figure may help you with these conversions. Weight Arm Moment Nose-Wheel lb.

In addition to this the metric system of measuring weight and volume is preferred by the JAA and it may be necessary to convert Imperial or American quantities to metric equivalents. Amglo Kemlite Amglo Kemlite L.

The weights measured through each wheel are: Question 7 Given AUW 30, lbs.

The weights and volumes obtained for the purpose of centre of gravity calculations are frequently given as a mixture of metric and imperial measures. Columns shall halance provided which list all standard items of Variable Load and make provision for the associated weight and CG moments to be recorded and totalled for a particular flight.


On large aircraft the bulkhead separating crew and passenger compartments is frequently used as a reference datum, whereas in single engine aircraft the fire wall between cabin and engine bay is often specified as the reference datum, or alternatively the tip of the propeller spinner.

Renter Exam – Northway Aviation. Aero Cosmetics Aero Instrument. abd

031 Aircraft Mass & balance (JAA ATPL theory).

Alternatively, the cost of fuel at the destination aerodrome may be so high that jaw cost differential departure aerodrome fuel cost versus destination aerodrome fuel cost may be so great that it is cheaper to carry the fuel for the return or subsequent sector outbound from the original departure aerodrome. It must not exceed the surface load bearing strength.

An alternative presentation is shown at Balancf As already discussed, the CG position is influenced by the relocation of the load. The mass shall be displayed at minimum graduations of g. Texacone The Abingdon Co. The change to C of G arm if 10, kgs of fuel is used from tank arm 1m forward of datum.

Jeppesen. JAA ATPL Training Mass and Balance [PDF] – Все для студента

This is a structural limitation imposed to ensure that the airframe is not overstressed. The highest area load permitted on any part of the floor of the aeroplane is the maximum floor load. The change to C of G arm if 4, kgs of freight aja removed from hold 25m aft of datum.


Calculate the APS weight. C of G 15m aft of datum. The fuel required to proceed from the destination to the alternate aerodrome in the prevailing conditions.

031 Aircraft Mass & balance (JAA ATPL theory).pdf

Weight and mass are often balancr to be synonymous. APS Weight 23, kg. The maximum payload that can be loaded at B is 6, kg. The moment of this force is equal to the product of the weight and the distance at which it is placed from the fulcrum. If one now accepts mass and weight as being synonymous, then 1 kilogram is equal to 9.

The safety of an aeroplane is of paramount importance and depends on many different people competently completing their individual tasks. Purolator Facet Qref Quick Refe. That part of the fuel carried which is impossible stpl use because of the shape or position of particular tanks. But each has a different effect on the floor. Henkel Loctite Henkel Structur.