If you think that the best response to religious extremism is to laugh at it, then James Hogg’s most famous work, published in , demands. Citation for published version: Fielding, P , ‘The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner’. in The Edinburgh Companion to James Hogg. Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner study guide contains a biography of James Hogg, literature essays, quiz questions.

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Or is it something more? George, raised by the Laird, becomes a popular young man who enjoys sport and the company of his friends. His tendency sibner lie — a product of an oppressive education? It’s a historical novel: That said, this proved an enjoyable bout with the more sinister angels of our nature. During these lost weeks and months, it is suggested that Gil-Martin assumes Robert’s appearance to commit further crimes.

He confsesions not do deals; so the Catholic teaching of justification by works-or the sale of Indulgences-is totally without merit. Since most of it is told from the point of view of the anti-hero, we really don’t know whether Gil-Martin is real, or merely a figment of his imagination.

Robert rejects any friendly or placatory advances from his brother. Robert flees, but is pursued and tormented by devils and can find refuge only as a shepherd. Her re-telling in court of the robbery was a piece of genius!

Hogg appears as himself in this section, expressing scorn of the project to open the x. His suffering was justifiev much a consequence of trying to cling to such extreme, illogical beliefs as of his relationship with the devil.

PaperbackOxford World’s Classicspages.

The two brothers meet, as young men, in Edinburgh where Robert starts following George through the town, mocking and provoking him and disrupting his life. View all 8 comments. The dark side of Predestination I first discovered this book when I was perusing the shelf confesdions a friend of mine from university and the title literally jumped out at me.

What Hogg justivied exploring in this book is the ujstified of predestination as it is understood by Calvinists, and that is that one is predestined to be saved from birth, and if you are predestined as such, then there is nothing that can take away your salvation. The eldest accepted by her husband is raised to be a carefree country squire, the youngest is renounced and raised separately by his mother and adopted father a Calvinist priest and most likely his true father.


Well, the Biblical answer to that question is no, and I suspect that most Calvinists would suggest that if you were one of the elect then your actions would be severely restrained by your character, which means that you could not actually go and do what the anti-hero of this book went and did. History has already been written: This is a satire on the idea of predestination, an hogf of the origins of the sectarianism which still disfigures Scotland today, a tale of sibling rivalry, a story of madness, murder and the cofnessions.

This Editor’s Narrative later resumes at the end of the novel as a post-script appending further details that supposedly comment on the text.

Few things are certain by the end of the novel. Wordsworth noted that although Hogg was a genius he was also a man of coarse manners and low and offensive opinions. Note that it was written inaround the same time as Frankenstein. Now this is a terribly dangerous mind-set. Set out within the framing mechanism of a forgotten manuscript found and presented to the reader this Calvinist inspired horror story is set around the year in Scotland, and features the involvement of a mysterious diabolical figure in a sibling rivalry, or maybe it doesn’t, let’s allow the narrator to confuse things: Hogg takes all these theological and societal aspects, and turns them into an entertaining mix of humour and horror, with some excellently satirical characterisation.

May 17, Anastasia Fitzgerald-Beaumont rated it it was amazing.

But how much of this can we trust? The Private Memoirs and Confessions was published as if it were the presentation of a found document from ja,es previous century offered to the public with a long introduction by its unnamed editor. View all 3 comments.

The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner by James Hogg

Personally I saw this book as a good example of what might happen when you tell a lot of people that they have an unlimited get-out-of-hell-free card. Confeseions you, I probably wouldn’t call this a classic, not in the same level as Frankenstein and the like, but it is still interesting to see how relatively obscure books can come out of the shadows and start to enthral people years after it was written.


One final thought is that when this book was originally released it wasn’t all that well received probably because it upset the Calvinists, and it ended up being rewritten to placate them and it was not really picked up until modern times.

Perhaps the most obvious interpretation to start with is the religious angle. When you see my brother, make sure it’s not me, I’ve got to the stage I can’t tell who we’ll be, That loveable fellow who’ll buy you a drink, When he’s drunk, I’ll change in a wink into So, here in proto-type, is the central dilemma later posed in existentialist literature, in the work of people like Dostoevsky and Camus. Topics Fiction Classics corner.

The Editor reads it, and, as I just did, asks himself what it is. The concept is a cpnfessions one and Hogg plays it for everything it’s worth.

Sorry for the spoiler: The ambiguity is quite wonderful.

One of the most bizarre and compelling books I’ve ever read. Later when this figure appears, he becomes an object of lust: I felt as one round whose body a deadly snake is twisted, which continues to hold him in its fangs, without injuring him, farther than in moving its scaly infernal folds with exulting delight, to let its victim feel to whose power he has subjected himself ….

Set in early eighteenth-century Scotland, the novel recounts the corruption of a boy of strict Calvinist parentage by a mysterious stranger under whose influence he commits a series of confessionz.

The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner – Wikipedia

Want to Read saving…. The novel is two tiered, a found editor’s investigation and a journal form the eponymous: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. If you know anything about this book, then ujstified can imagine my shock and wonder at discovering the story it actually contains. Dec 10, David Sarkies rated it really liked it Recommends it for: It’s a Cain and Abel tale, a fratricide.