You can prune jatropha at any time. If you would like yours to grow in a tree shape, simply cut out all but one stem coming out of the ground to force it to have a. Jatropha can be pruned in two ways. One is multi-stemmed shrub and the other is single-stemmed small tree. Since jatropha has the capacity to bloom. Jatropha shrubs grow tall if left non-pruned. Pruning helps to keep the height within harvestable distances. Since, Jatropha flowers are borne on leaf axils of new.

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The plant can be grown as a mixed shrub or as a hedge. About the Author Jennifer Loucks has been writing since So planting jatropha in the areas accessible to the children and pets needs extra care.

The plant grows in U. And most importantly all the parts of the jatropha are toxic.

How to Trim Jatropha | Home Guides | SF Gate

This beautiful plant is commonly planted for its nearly constant display of beautiful star-shaped red flowers and pruninh green, evergreen foliage. When digging hole for jatropha care should be taken that hole is twice bigger as the root ball and is deep enough for the plant to sit.

Jatropha integerrima is native to Cuba and the West Indies and is sometimes called peregrina, spicy Jatropha, or fire-cracker. Now also available as an ebook! Growth Habit Jatropha the evergreen shrub has the ability to grow till a height of about 15 feet in the wild.


Grow jatropha in full sun at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sun a day for the most blooms.

How to Prune Jatropha

Jennifer Loucks has been writing since Jatropha produces glossy leaves with clusters of attractive star-shaped flowers. Tip Wipe the blades of the pruning clipper with isopropyl alcohol to prevent the introduction of disease in the open wounds after trimming.

Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10 and 11, but it will also grow in zone 9b when there is no risk of frost. In colder-winter areas, you can grow jatropha as a beautiful patio tropical for the summer. Here’s a paperback book just for you!

This is possible since jatropha is a drought tolerant plant. This species has flat circles of coral-pink flowers and distinctly tropical-looking foliage that is deeply dissected and fan shaped. Jatropha is not intended for human or iatropha consumption.

It should be noted that all parts of Jatropha are poisonous when ingested, so take care if you have children or pets frequenting your landscape.

You may have heard of J. You can clean up the base of the plant as it gets larger to create a multi-trunk tree – or buy a single trunk jatropha tree from the nursery, if you prefer. Our Products Jatropha Market place Welcome to the on-line information center for jatropha. But in the cultivation it can grow to a height of jatropya 10 feet.


Get instant curb appeal! This red flowering tree is actually a jatropha shrub trained to a single trunk Here’s a paperback book just for you! Firecracker plantjjatropha moundhibiscuscopper plantbuddleiadwarf allamandawhite fountain grassbuttercup and lantana. Copperleaf Copperleaf has bold variegated foliage that makes a beautiful accent to jatropha’s lovely red flowers. Since the fully grown jatropha reached a height of about 10 to 12 feet it can also be used as a foundation planting.

Tip pruning will give the appearance of a shrub giving the plant a round shape.

They are marginal in zone 9B; frosts and freezes will damage them, but jahropha usually recover quickly. Most of the time, this landscape shrub doesn’t require fertilization unless it’s grown in container gardens. Versatile and showy, the clusters of tiny but vivid pruming stand out against deep green leaves and the small size makes it the perfect accent tree for sunny areas. Jatropha multifida, commonly called coral plant, is native to Mexico.

One is multi-stemmed shrub and the other is single-stemmed small tree. Attention South Florida Business Owners!

Supplement with bone meal to promote heavier bloom.