You can prune jatropha at any time. If you would like yours to grow in a tree shape, simply cut out all but one stem coming out of the ground to force it to have a. Jatropha can be pruned in two ways. One is multi-stemmed shrub and the other is single-stemmed small tree. Since jatropha has the capacity to bloom. Jatropha shrubs grow tall if left non-pruned. Pruning helps to keep the height within harvestable distances. Since, Jatropha flowers are borne on leaf axils of new.

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Plant spacing Plant 3 feet apart to grow as a hedge or privacy screen. Jatropga you can decrease the watering time to the alternative days. Jennifer Loucks has been writing since If placing along a walk or drive, come pruniny 4 feet. Because it holds its flowers above the foliage, jatropha is delightfully showy.

This will allow the plant to collect water at the base. One is multi-stemmed shrub and the other is single-stemmed small tree. Skip to main content. About the Author Jennifer Loucks has been writing since Jatropha isn’t just popular in front yards and back-yard gardens because it’s pretty, however: Performing maintenance trimming on the Jatropha increases branch growth and keeps the plant healthy for flower production. Later it spread to southern parts of the US where it became popular.

This shrub is drought-tolerant once established. Pair with other plants that like it on the dry side, such as juniper, crown of thornsdwarf bougainvillealantana, bulbineplumbagoIndian hawthorne and muhly grass.


Here’s a paperback book just for you! Home Guides Garden Garden Care. While these two species are not a problem in our state, there are some Jatropha species that are invasive in Florida. Tip Wipe the blades of the pruning clipper with isopropyl alcohol to prevent the introduction of disease in the open wounds after trimming. Ebooks on South Florida gardening!

Jatropha integerrima is native to Cuba and the West Indies and is sometimes called peregrina, spicy Jatropha, or fire-cracker. Jatropha grows best in zones 10 to You can add top soil as well, especially if the soil in that area is very dry.

Butterflies love these plants. Once established, this beautiful landscape plant holds up fairy well to dry conditions, making it a good choice for yards that don’t have regular irrigation during dry spells. Fertilize 3 times a year – spring, summer, and autumn, with a top quality granular fertilizer.

The ultimate guide to low-maintenance plants and landscaping! Pinch off the tips in each subsequent year until the plant reaches a height of 6 feet.

Jatropha | Costa Farms

Firecracker plantgold moundhibiscuscopper plantbuddleiadwarf allamanda jahropha, white fountain grassbuttercup and lantana. Attention South Florida Business Owners! The plant is found to bloom throughout the year when it is planted in the tropical and subtropical areas.

You can clean up the jaatropha of the plant as it gets larger to create a multi-trunk tree – or buy a single trunk jatropha tree from the nursery, if you prefer. Depending on which text editor you’re pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.


These plants can reach about 15 feet tall and have an equal spread when left unpruned. Trim off all branches in the lower 12 inches jztropha the Jatropha in the dormant season after the second year of growth to promote new branch growth and flower production.

A zebra longwing butterfly on the bright red flowers of a jatropha shrub in the butterfly rainforest at the Florida Museum of Natural History. Trim the branches each year once the plant is a height of 6 feet to maintain this height and prevent the plant from becoming overgrown and difficult to maintain.

Jatropha is not intended for human or animal consumption. Jatropha is the one shrub you can count on for year round blooms, with bright scarlet flower clusters that attract butterflies.

How to Prune Jatropha

Other small flowering trees you might like: She previously worked as a technical writer for a software development company, creating software documentation, help documents and training curriculum. Edward Baker, some rights reserved cc-by-nc-sa 2. Looking for a certain plant?

Our Jwtropha Jatropha Market place Welcome to the on-line information center for jatropha.

Fertilize jatropha, if necessary, in the spring and summer months. This is especially true if you grow jatropha in a container garden.