Editorial Reviews. From the Publisher. Goldsmith explains the Circle of Eternity– the basis of his approach to mysticism–and tells how to transcend the. A Parenthesis in Eternity: Living the Mystical Life [Joel S. Goldsmith] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Goldsmith explains the Circle of. A Parenthesis in Eternity has ratings and 8 reviews. Iona said: This is the best book by Goldsmith I’ve read so far. He delves even more deeply into.

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pqrenthesis The Master Alchemist Always there is the challenge of the intangibles awaiting our discovery here and now. Sometimes students who have been studying for only a year write me of their dissatisfaction, disappointment, and even discouragement over their lack of unfoldment and progress. We must arrive at the point where we are able to perceive what the Master meant when jofl said, “My kingdom is not of this world.

How much truth has come as an inner unfoldment with the renewing strength and power of revelation? It has shown me the human mind of mankind and its operations, and how men can use the mind for evil purposes as well as for good. But once we are illumined, the Master within us is expressing, functioning, and performing.

It is a feeling complete in itself with no object. He breathed into jn His life. We are all equal before God, and the grace of God that has given spirituality to one has given it to all.

Full text of “A Parenthesis In Eternity: Living the Mystical Life”

Could an airplane go hurtling out of the sky to parentheesis all the people in it? If we golddmith not alert, however, and do not keep the ear and mind wide, wide open to see what lies ahead, it would be the same as trying to cross the ocean in a boat while asleep at the steering wheel. We will be satisfied, realizing that if the followers of Jesus in his day had to walk those steps, so do we. To illustrate that, let us go back in memory to our own life- experience, and as we recall our childhood, youth, young adulthood, and our thirties or forties, we may be able to pinpoint a time— possibly even a specific date— at which a change of consciousness took place within us which caused us to turn and look in another direction.


How could joep visualize such a thing!

The Unofficial Infinite Way – A Parenthesis in Eternity

Sometimes in parentthesis I have witnessed its parenthesid, but have caught only glimpses of it. We may not demonstrate this in its completeness because the world’s mesmerism still touches every individual, and as long as we are on earth we will have some problems to meet, Yet, it is possible to be free of eighty or ninety per cent of our problems if we realize that God constitutes individual Selfhood: No person and no condition external to us are binding upon us.

From the most ancient of times up to modern days, man has not only lived by eternuty sweat of his brow, but has en- gaged in strife to gain his ends, whether in the case of individuals, or companies under the name of competition, or as nations under the name of war. We feel It as a Presence, as a Cloak around us.

This may cause some to shout, “Oh, you have taken my Lord away from me. If we think of God as Omniscience, then we also are not building an image in thought: If we think of God as Omnip- otence, we are not building any image of God: For years I have been seeking for a word in which I could imprison what I am trying to teach, and so far I wternity not succeeded in finding that word.

Problems and circumstances affect the lives of different people in different ways.

God eludes us when we try to put God into the letters Go-d. There is a lessening of dependence on our mind, our education, or our pocketbook, and a greater reliance on the Infinite Invisible. No one can become a seeker of God in his humanhood, but when God touches a person to some measure of awakening, he is led to some kind of a spiritual teaching. We are only at the beginning, however, and just as the spider unfolds its web from within its own being, so we must unfold grace, divine wisdom, sternity divine power from within our own being.


Then, as we tell no man what we have learned, but share the truth with those who by their dedication and devotion have shown their readiness for it, we will be releasing this infinite power into the world, and the world will respond.

A Parenthesis in Eternity: Living the Mystical Life

Spiritual freedom is attainable by any one of us. Nancy rated parentnesis it was amazing Aug 21, Do I believe that such truth as has been revealed is all the truth there is, or am I seeking for something yet RELEASE GOD 19 unknown except to those few mystics who have experienced the truth, tried to impart then knowledge, failed, and gone on their way?

This ignorance can be likened to a group of people, born and brought up on an island with no knowledge of, or contact with, the outside world and therefore living as if their par- ticular island were the circumference of the entire world with nothing going on except what was taking place in that small and isolated sphere.

This is where two enter the scene: As long as the world is in ignorance of truth, it may be possible for a person to do evil and bring harm to others temporarily, and prob- ably even postpone the harm that returns to and befalls him. Those who bring themselves to God are the beneficiaries of God’s grace. This union is the free state of spiritual brother- hood. God has no pleas- ure in “the death of him that dieth. At other times a message may come to us, and if not an actual mes- sage, a sensing that all is well, just a feeling of peace.

A Parenthesis in Eternity

The law within us knows what we are doing, and it rewards us accordingly. We are instructed to open our consciousness.

It is easy to be a human being full of trouble— that seems to be the easiest thing in the world to be.