John Mackey for trombone with orchestral winds, brass, and percussion ” Harvest: Concerto for Trombone” is based on the myths and mystery rituals of the . John Mackey (b. ) once famously compared the band and the orchestra to the kind of person a composer might be attracted to at a party. Mackey: Harvest – Concerto for Trombone – EP Joseph Alessi, The West John Mackey’s music is some of the most alive and spirited music I’ve ever heard.

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Depicting winter, the second section features a haunting, sadly inflected melody for the solo trombone, joyn by prominent roles for the harp and piano. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

The first section begins with a slow introduction, heavy on ritualistic percussion, representing the summoning of Dionysus’s worshippers to the ceremony. Concerto for Trombone” is dedicated to Joseph Alessi.

You can also read about the piece at the Wind Repertory Project.

Harvest: Concerto for Trombone by John Mackey

Joe very generously came out to sit in the audience after his performance to hear my work, and the following year at the Midwest Clinic in Chicago, we finally had a chance to sit down for coffee, and with the support of Jerry Junkin, put this project into motion.

This brutal sacrifice by the ecstatic worshippers — the concerti of the vine — is followed without pause by the second section, representing Dionysus in the stillness of death, or winter.


The rite itself builds in intensity, with Dionysus represented, maciey course, by the solo trombone tromone in call and response with his followers, some of whom are driven to an ecstatic outcry — almost a “speaking in tongues” –represented by insistent woodwind trills. But when Dionysus transitions to a concfrto tone, his frenzied worshippers do not follow.

In Bryant added four more movements as a commission from a consortium of music schools, including UM Frost. In creating music specifically for Joseph AlessiI was drawn to his expressive, unbelievably beautiful tone on the instrument, as well as his ability to flatten everything in his path without sacrificing that beauty.

The Midwest Clinic 5. The score does succeed in providing a bravura ensemble vehicle that requires every instrument and section to play to the very cincerto of their capacity. Concerto for Trombone in Despite my original intention, the full, uninterrupted melody never makes an appearance in the piece.

March 17, Author: The music is absolute — there is no program or storyline apart from the inherent drama of the soloist dancing around and often above! Vibraphone, Marimba shared with Perc. Their fervor overcomes them, and they tear their god to shreds macckey an act of ritual madness. Notify me of new posts by email.

Harvest – Concerto for Trombone

Unlike most of my other music, I initially created a long for me melody instead of a short motive as the basis of all three movements of the work, and drew motivic material from that as needed.


Trumpet Concerto Drum Music: Mackey based his work on the myth of the Greek god Dionysus with the trombone as the voice of the protagonist. Concerto for Wind Ensemble by Steven Bryant. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Harvest: Concerto for Trombone by John Mackey – Wind Band Literature

You have mackye love a piece that pays tribute to the god of wine and ecstasy and Mackey does not disappoint. The earth is reborn as Dionysus rises again, bringing the ecstasy and liberation that have been celebrated in his trombnoe for centuries. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The god is distant, the music like a prayer. With this attitude and his prodigious talent, John Mackey has become a superstar composer among band directors.

Wind Ensemble Grade A moody horn solo over mallet percussion provides a striking interlude.

After initial, barely audible rumblings, the trombone emerges with wild, strident motifs against the raucous ensemble in a festive celebration only to conclude with a descending solo slide as one life cycle ends. As the Olympian god of the vine, Dionysus is famous for inspiring ecstasy and trmbone.

Concerto for Trombone for solo trombone and orchestra without strings Click to buy: