How do I remove Designed by and the JM Tube logo on the (I’ve paid for magento developer, but the JA Copyright removal is. The line “Designed by ” OR “Designed by ” is allowed to be removed if you are holding a Developer package or. How to remove the Joomla! footer. If you want to Change the Joomla footer text to show the Copyright symbol, current year, Your Name.

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How to customize or remove Copyright info | Joomla Templates and Extensions Provider

If it’s not JA Wezen, where did you get this template? I found the folder in the theme. You can get more info by checking out it’s feature page here OR you can immediately click on the button below to navigate to their demo site. After copjright little searching from forum to forum I post this article in Indonesian on my other blogs in bodohtidaktolol. When i find out i will put it here. I’m not sure about the reason behind their late response, though. I’d be back to share all the things I know about this “annoying thing” First, I dont know where to find that file to make the changes, and second, I dont know how to edit the file once I fine it?


I thank you in advance for your time! Just Sharing March xopyright, at 4: Also am I able to change the theme name in the source code. Allow me to quote them: Actually we have purchased the template but not a ble to find out jhow to change the link JoomlArt never fails to surprise us.

Then I clicked on sales question. Alwin October 21, at 8: We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience on our website.

Removing the “Joomla template designed by GavickPro”

Now you can change the text and link as you prever. If you want to quote or re-publish this article: Just Sharing November 29, at 2: Anonymous March 25, at 2: Anyone got any idea?

I assumed you use “Quickstart”. Anonymous September 13, at Hi Ahmad, Thanks for looking into my question Hope this is what you need.

Anonymous August 28, at 3: I once handled a customer that didn’t received any response only to learn that all of our responses to him went straight into his junk mail. I used the Contact us link in the bottom menu of their home page. Which template did you use? So I assume you used the template for Joomla 1. Where can I find the working JA T3 plugin folder and the working default.


Copyright Disclaimer This site does not store any files on its server. Fred October 17, at Anonymous December 21, at 5: You can get more info on EasyBlog by checking out it’s features page here. Anonymous June 28, at 5: A Big Thank You to: How to remove Designed by JoomlArt. Peter Wills March 12, at 5: Does anyone know how to?

Just Sharing March 14, at 4: This is my 2nd attempt in trying to get an answer from these guys. They are working on the official announcement regarding to that. This is not working anymore with the new templates. One of the major features that made us overwhelmed with joy is that JA Sugite fully supports EasyBlog. My email is as follows: Afeter a long search i found thi sone. Please note that, copyright removal is not applied to JAEC membership.

In the template for Joomla 1. I followed your instructions and it solved my problem! How do I do that?