LEARNING TO USE JOSM – a guide to learning JOSM, with miscellaneous topics. ○ RESOURCES – links to information about OSM and the JOSM Editor. How to download and install JOSM, the Java OpenStreetMap editor, change some of the settings, open the instructions are similar for other operating systems. More advanced users may want to migrate to the JOSM editor at some point for We also found this JOSM Basic Manual pdf on the web, it would be good for a.

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You should see a rectangular area with a plain black background. Many errors, however, need to be corrected manually. Adding node at intersections. Lastly, we will then discuss the JOSM validator tool, which is an automated way of checking for errors.

Zooming and Panning Within the main editing area, you can pan around and zoom in and manjal. Every item listed is a different source of data that you have open in JOSM. Select the road and drag it where it should be.

Road must connect to each other. When you are creating polygon and line that are not supposed to mnaual connected, make sure that they are not merged together by sharing a node. Zoom using the mouse scrollwheel. We call these layers base layers and our OSM data layer is main layer that we use to digitize and edit, add objects, move objects, etc. Download other people’s traces OpenStreetMap majual a database which is separate from the main map data, especially for sharing raw GPS data.

We jism begin by discussing various editing techniques in JOSM that will improve your workflow, and how to avoid common mistakes that beginning mappers make. Double-click on the jar file Step 3: A building can not overlap to another building. There is no step 3! JOSM allows you to map fast with keyboard shortcuts, a series of editing tools for common tasks and specialized plugins. Click the download toolbar button to open the download dialog window. The example of overlap building.


Experiment with each of the tools using this sample file. You can control the visibility and the order of the layers with the options available here. The example of lines not connecting to each other. Zoom out a little bit to see the result. Again this is not required. You can add, maunal, and remove tags directly from properties panel.

To fix this, josk an object and tag the object in accordance with the information that describes the object. Draw a box around the area that you want to download.

You do not need to hurry, take your time to understand the steps.

Your first steps with JOSM — the Java OpenStreetMap editor

Building Tools Plugin is useful to digitize the building. Start and download OSM data. For example, a polygon drawn to represent a park outside a building should not overlap with the building. Use the zooming and panning features described above to position the visible area. Click the object that you want to move and drag it to where it should be.

Validation Layer and Validation Result. jos

OpenStreetMap with the JOSM editor | OpenStreetMap Geography Awareness Week

But the validation tool gives you the opportunity to look at the mistakes one by one and evaluate them. After downloading some data, it may be a good idea to do a validation run on the downloaded data.

Now you can follow exactly the same procedure to download some map data alongside your GPS trace. Open your internet browser and go to openstreetmap.

To fix it, you can select a node from the line that you want to connect, and then select the Draw Node tool to add a node at the end of the line.


Welcome to the JOSM online help system

The example of way cross the building. You also know about mistakes and errors that should be avoided when editing manal JOSM. We discuss the most important of those tools in this section. In a previous session, you have already installed and configured JOSM manuall well as master basic operations in JOSM such as drawing points, lines, and polygons.

When you click ‘Download’, the data should appear in the main editing area. Field Papers Chapter 8: This guide is split across several tabs abovestarting with an introduction aimed at new users. Choose your location in your computer and give a name to your file. It will look like the figure below:.

You have edited OpenStreetMap! If the ways are connected, they can be aligned in the same direction by selecting Reverse and Combine. Here is your guide to take your mapping skills to the next level.

To do this you will need to zoom in and out until the width of the first downloaded area is about the same as the visible screen width, and then pan off to one side to position the view on some new territory a patch with yellow hatchingthen click download. Adding points of interest, roads and buildings. The sample file you already downloaded contains various elements that are labeled the names of different uosm on the menu.

Your Panel Layer should looks like this:. Different colors represent different functional road classes. You should see your layer that you select will be hide in JOSM.