Breviario de Los Politicos: Julio Mazarino: Books – No le muestres sus vicios y no le reveles los que se le reprochan, cualquiera que sea la manera en que te lo pida. Y si insistiera con demasiada vehemencia. Breviario de Los Politicos (Spanish, Hardcover) / Author: Julio Mazarino ; ; Politics & government, Social sciences, Books.

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Please enter your name. The nieces all moved to Paris, and Mazarin devoted care to arranging marriages for them, always with wealthy and aristocratic families. Si tienes que escribir en un lugar frecuentado, maazarino verticalmente delante de ti una hoja escrita, como si la copiaras. Ten maneras de dar que sean originales: It exceeded the second-greatest personal fortune of the century, that of Richelieu, worth some 20 million livres.

He is so Spanish mazrino so Savoyard that what he says shouldn’t be taken as gospel truth.

Cardinal Mazarin

While in Rome, Mazarin sent regular gifts of flowers, perfumes and delicacies to the women of the French court, and more valuable gifts, including statues and Renaissance paintings, to Richelieu.

He studied law with Girolamo during the daytime and in the evenings continued to gamble and again was in debt. View all subjects More like this Similar Items. Cardinal Retz and his other rivals of Mazarin in the court underestimated Mazarin’s skills, energy and determination.

Between February and JuneMazarin conducted intensive negotiations with the Spanish. Conserva la misma manera de hablar, las mismas costumbres de mesa, los mismos vestidos. The last years of Mazarin’s life, between and his death inwere marked by a series of major diplomatic victories, including the marriage of Louis XIV. Knowing that his enemies at court were telling Louis XIV that he Mazarin taking money that belonged rightfully to the King, his first will, which he made public, cleverly left all of his fortune to Louis XIV.


He had been close to Richelieu and was the only real rival in experience to Mazarin. Search WorldCat Find items in libraries near you. Fouquet began as a master of receipts at age twenty, then an intendant to the army, then Procuror-General for the Parliament of Paris at the age of thirty-five.

Cardinal Mazarin – Wikipedia

In he unveiled the League of the Rhinea new group of fifty ooliticos German principalities which were now linked by a treaty with France. A new crisis arrived on 19 May ; France declared war on the Hapsburg rulers of Austria and Spain. One measure caused particular resentment among the nobility; he imposed a special tax on all the nobles who served on the various royal courts and councils, amounting to four years of their fees.

Shortly after Mazarin’s death, Fouquet was accused by Colbert of misuse of state funds, his property was confiscated, and he was put into prison until his death, with Colbert eventually taking his place.

He also acquired the habit of gambling at cards, and frequently was in debt. Farewell, dear paintings, which cost me so much and mazaruno I so much loved.

His acquisitions included the famous Portrait of Baldassare Brevuario by Raphaelwhich had belonged to Charles I of Englandand had been bought by Richelieu. Tenlo a tu lado en la mesa, en las reuniones, etc. De lo contrario, lo mejor es tomar la recompensa de tu crimen y desaparecer al punto.

Breviario de los políticos

Views Read Edit View history. The atmosphere within the Vatican was hostile to France and to Richelieu; Spanish priests occupied many positions in the hierarchy and they considered him, with reason, an agent of France. Mazarin, Jules Overview. Chief Ministers to the French Monarch.

Breviario para políticos – Jules Mazarin – Google Books

Incluso en la intimidad con amigos, da muestras de piedad; de la misma manera, cuando te sientas en total confianza, no te quejes de nadie, ni acuses a nadie. One effect of the enormous amount of money in the market during the period of the Regency of Anne of ,azarino and Mazarin was a decline in the value of the Livre tournaisthe official coin of the realm, lost twenty percent of its value against the Florin. El principio es el mismo en lo que se refiere politifos las relaciones entre amos y sirvientes.


Usa moderadamente de Venus, cual-quiera que sea tu estado, y esto siguiendo las exigencias de tu temperamento personal. You already recently rated this item.

Please enter the message. The last years of Mazarin’s life, between and his death inwere marked by a series of major diplomatic victories, In he made a military alliance with England. No te opongas a lo que gusta al pueblo, ya sean vicios o simplemente tradiciones.

Si se te ordena cometer un crimen, gana tiempo y busca un amzarino para zafarte: Ante todo, escucha las razones alegadas por quien defiende una causa, y mira si son buenas. This task kept him away from Paris for nine months, until June Cinq-Mars was arrested, Gaston was disgraced, and another conspirator, the Duke of Bouillon, was granted a pardon on the condition of revealing all the details of the plot to Mazarin, and surrendering the important fortress of Sedan to the King.

Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. Evita todo cambio brusco en tus costumbres, incluso si es para mejorarlas. Then on 14 Decemberhe departed Rome for the port of Civita Vecchia, boarded an armed French ship to Marseille, and then mazatino from Lyon to Paris, where he arrived on 5 January