ADELAIDE UNIVERSITY. TFIS^ATRE GUILD. *JUNO A|.lD THE PAYCOCK”. BY. SEAN O’CASEY. AT THE I{UT. Monday. May 3l. Tuesday – — June 1. Wedrcday. Title. Juno and the paycock / Sean O’Casey. Author. O’Casey, Sean, Availability. Distributed by the University of Oxford under a Creative Commons. We need this text in an online format (preferrably not split but in one piece).’ and find homework help for other Juno and the Paycock questions at eNotes.

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And lovers around her are sighing! She is accompanied by several neighbours. Is the light lightin’ before the picture o’ the Virgin? Give your hat and stick to Jack, there.

Bentham takes a large-looking document from breast pocket, opens it out. An’, if I get up aself, how am I goin’ to get down agen? Ey, Nugent; ey, Mr, Nugent, Mr.

Sweet Spirit, hear me prayer! Grand, grand ; you should folly that up, you should folly that up. When the robins nest agen, And the flowers they are in bloom, He’s. I saw yous comin’ out o’ the Corn- flower Dance Class, an’ you hangin’ on his arm — a thin, lanky strip of a Micky Dazzler, with a walkin’-stick an’ gloves! Boyle calling to Johnny, room l. Isn’t all religions curious; if they weren’t, you wouldn’t get any one to believe them. Juno, I’m done with Joxer; he’s nothin’ but a prognosticator an’ a Here, get ou’ o’ this, Joxer Daly; I was always thinkin’ you had a slate off.


You needn’t ha’ waited, for I’ll take no breakfast — I’ve a little spirit left in me still! Mary looking after Johnny. There’s a button off the back o’ me moleskin trousers.

Mary’ll be out to you in a minute. Voice outside door r. Ey, ey, there, wher’r you goin’ with that? Nugent crosses to b. I wondher if you were in my condition, would you call it good news? It’s all right; Thf, I’ll go. Boyle, surprised and a little frightenedt sits on chair t l. Pound down, an’ five to be paid at two shillins a week.

Juno and the paycock / Sean O’Casey

Johnny, Johnny, come out here for a minute. I don’t know why you wanted to walk out for Jennie Claffey; up to this you never had a good word for her.

Beside the mirror is stretched out the morning paper which she looks at when she isn’t gazing into the mirror. Madigan and waits to put the water in. Boyle calling in to Boyle. He runs to door R. I seen things, I seen things, Joxer, that no mortal man should speak about that knows his Catechism.

Johnny in a sweat of fear. Who says I’m not goin’ to get th’ money? In wan way, she deserves all she got; for lately, she let th’ Die-hards make an open house of th’ place; an’ for th’ last couple of months, either when th’ sun was risin’, or when th’ sun was settin’, you had C.


Madigan speaking very softly outside. Aro you bo yoursolf? I’m glad I’ve found you; you were stoppin’ at your aunt’s; I called there but you’d gone.

Full text of “Juno And The Paycock()”

On table a small mirror, a newspaper spread out at one end, and breakfast things aX the other end. Boyle, in an angry way, suddenly rushes towards Joxer ; Joxer hurriedly runs out by door r. Fountain pen for Boylb. I don’t know what any o’ yous ud do without your ma. BOYLE catching him in her arms. Jerry Devine enters hastily by door r. Boyle going towards door. Me for you, an’ you for me, like the two Musketeers.

This Life-Breath is called the Prawna. I’m looking for a place near the sea; I’d like the place that you might say was me cradle, to be me grave as well. Wan single, Bolithary tanner left out of all I borreyed.

The hour is past now when we’ll ask the employers’ permission to wear what we like. Oh, quit that readin’, for God’s sakel Are yous losin’ all your feelins?