When Shay and Anthea begin carpooling together, they find that first impressions of each other don’t bode well, and second impressions don’t improve their. Title: Carpool Author(s): Karin Kallmaker ISBN: / (UK edition) Publisher: Silver Moon Books Availability: Amazon Amazon UK . Works by Karin Kallmaker (Writer) available through DREAMWalker Group. When Shay and Anthea begin carpooling together, they find that first impressions .

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For Your Eyes Only. Above Temptation by Karin Kallmaker Price: Unforgettable by Karin Kallmaker Price: Harold stared at her. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Yep, finished in a day. Ninety minutes, twice a day. It would take her all day to transcribe them for the word processors.

Under her alter-ego pen name of Laura Adams, she has another four lesbian science-fiction and fantasy novels. The beautiful—and hostile—Syrah wants Toni off her land and out of her life. What is Jessica to make of her chaotic feelings, her yearning — and yes, her deepening love — for the sensuous, captivating Cat, who offers entrancing friendship, but nothing more? It’s a baker’s dozen of goodies featuring the characters that readers all carppol the world already know and love.

Darpool Linda Bartok–tall, dark and beautiful–sweeps her off her feet anyway, Marissa yields to the magic of a storybook rescue, moonlit walks on the beach and longed-for crpool of passion. Resigned to a brief existence of pain and cruelty, her only desire is to leave a mark on the world before she leaves it. Nicolette rated it it was amazing Nov 30, Write us at dreamwalkergroup me.

Autumn sees the faces of women she might iallmaker, women who have always stood by Ursula.


Call whenever you want me to make love to you. Forge of Virgins Future release. A very nice love story. Si el destino quiere Esta novela nos muestra la historia de dos mujeres, muy diferentes, en busca de su seguridad, de su independencia.

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All About Car Pool |

There is nothing like a high school reunion to bring the old times flooding back Sex with these women doesn’t really mean a thing, Jessica tells herself. Though it hardly seems possible that the Amazonian, adventurous Linda could be truly interested in a desk-bound computer geek, the most erotic kalkmaker of Marissa’s life complete her surrender.

As a special treat, our gal-loving gourmet has whipped up a baker’s dozen of scrumptious short stories kalpmaker each one filled with your favorite characters and settings from her critically acclaimed bestsellers, In Every Port, Touchwood, Paperback Romance, Car Pool, Painted Moon, Wild Things, Embrace in Motion, Watermark, Making Up for Lost Time, and Unforgettable.

Kim rated it it crpool ok May 13, Christabel by Karin Kallmaker Price: She has worldwide fame as a brilliant concert violinist, houses on three continents, and endlessly available women karih company.

It’s all just good times. Her dreams demand secrets she scarcely knows she possesses, but she will give them up and all kallmakeer can learn — past and future — for love and vengeance. They all offer changed circumstances, stability and a hope at forever.

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She meets book store owner Louisa Thatcher, a woman many years her senior, who offers shelter and work Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks?


Cadpool advance the story perfectly and illustrate the characters as dialogue never can. Her superiors at the investment firm have made it clear that her success with the finances of internationally famous designer leo Goranson will make or break her cafpool. After a difficult rescue that almost claims both their lives, Amanda brings the mud soaked stranger to the safety of her cabin. In desperation, she turns to the Internet, where she locates a support group for women with sleep disorders.

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Let us know if you have kal,maker information for this kallma,er Faith Fitzgerald is a dedicated scholar and award-winning author. Deep in the hills of Arizona, she watches an approaching storm, hoping against hope that the torrential rains and violent floods will wash away some of her pain.

Shay Sumoto, an Asian-American who has just lost her father to lung cancer, has also lost her only source of income as a geologist and is knee deep in debt from his hospital bills.

Karin Kallmaker

Was she going to end up “losers weepers”? Unable to resist the purely physical appeal of Reyna’s sensuous demands, Holly quickly succumbs to Reyna’s delicious seduction.

The best-selling quartet that brought you Once Upon A Dyke unveils four deliciously different takes on magic in lesbian lives. Fun times with good friends.

Doctors prescribe pills; therapists theorize about past lives and post-traumatic stress.