Keylontic Science. The Freedom Teachings demonstrate, and in substantial detail, that the connection between Science and Spirituality, the relationship. Keylontic Science Dictionary The Keylontic Science Dictionary is a wonderful tool for new-comers as well as seasoned Keylontic Science Students. It contains. Kelontic Science Dictionary. Web Analysis for Keylonticdictionary – Welcome to Keylontic Dictionary Online. Meta Description of.

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Sacred Science and the law of ONE: the language of creation

This isn’t really happening to me, it’s only an illusion. The need is for enlightened and effective action.

This gives us further opportunity to understand the reality behind our perceived manifest experience and to further understand the distortions out-pictured as limitation, pain and suffering all contemporary humanity is facing. If I think about or bring attention to the punctured wheel it will only create the problem! Further, the knowing that we are in truth, powerful, co-creators with God-Source, underpins all teachings we are sfience as responsible and Spiritually mature and, as such, we are offered correspondingly exceptional information and tools.

This enables all of the levels of DNA or dimensional structure to be brought back into balance. It’s more a case of ‘save our bodies’, i.

The foundation techniques work with Dimension 12 Maharic frequency which acts a carrier wave for all other frequencies. Please consider making a contribution so more stories of awakening and alternative views can be shared!

If we detach from the physical realities of our bodies and the drama in which they are enmeshed and seek refuge in the more comfortable spaces of our sxience we risk losing a valuable part of our identities. Here you will learn about the basic constructs on and within which all manifestation including our 3D selves builds and you can take the opportunity to make a fundamental shift in consciousness about the way you define yourself and the arena in which you experience life.

Keylontic Science: Uses ~ Ascension Dictionary

When an individuation of God-Source experiences itself in a certain set of dimensional frequency bands, we say it is phase locked.


In fact this is a great place to be coming from. Please find below keylontc recommendations to establish your own personal foundation with the MCEO teachings. There’s a part of us affected, even trapped, by the drama and we can’t afford to ignore the fact. It is our minds that direct the frequencies and context enables our minds to carry out the techniques more effectively. It separates the problem from a solution.

If I can’t then I’m not beyond polarity. This ultimately saves time because each presentation builds on what has gone before. The premise that each sentient being is an expression of Source implies that it embodies the attributes of Source. It’s our lower parts that are caught in the drama and potentially in jeopardy that need our attention.

We learn how distortion in Merkabic fields leads to a process known as molecular compaction an inorganic state whereby our bodies are unable to absorb and process the frequencies from higher dimensions which results in dis-ease in our bodies and manifest experience and ultimately a condition known as monadic reversal.

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Not only do the teachings dictonary the structure of the Divine, organic constructs and their relationships to each other, but also reveals the extent and nature of the distortions within these constructs, where they have come from and what we can do about it. Ascension is a Bio-energetic process by which we progressively expand into dimensions higher in frequency and return to unified At-Onement with Source.

Given that we find ourselves with polarity issues, i. The Core Substance of Manifest Form is Consciousness We begin to recall, and remember more purposefully that the core substance of manifest form is Consciousness.

No teachings can give us our own intrinsic knowing back but true knowledge and its applications can restore us to our own intrinsic knowingness within. Focusing On Real Values.

It is, however, possible for individual manifestations of Source to deny the Law of ONE and therefore act within a paradigm of separation anti-Christos consciousness. Additional Suggestions for Newcomers To further establish your connection with the MCEO teachings we recommend the following materials: Polarity The treatment of polarity is a fundamental issue that differentiates this work from many other sciece.

The more recent techniques work with commonly inaccessible and very powerful frequencies. We all know and respect beautiful people who are ‘beyond polarity’.


MCEO Techniques founded on knowledge of the Primal Order of Creation Through study of the MCEO materials we change our perception of ourselves from finite keylontuc beings to infinite keylontjc beings and importantly, we learn how our structure relates to the other constructs in the dicrionary sequence of creation.

Is it dictilnary enough to be spiritual and idealistic and leave science to the scientists? The analogy above is basic but it does serve to illustrate a point.

Science, History and Healing Not only do the teachings expose the structure of the Divine, organic constructs and their relationships to each other, but also reveals the extent and nature of the distortions within these constructs, where they have come from and what we can do about it.

A short introduction is outlined here: Biosludged – Full Documentary by: Therefore it acts as a regulator, naturally and temporarily closing our systems down when we have reached our own personal saturation point at that time. A short venture into the MCEO teachings reveals not only the true history of Humanity but also the choices that are facing us during our present time period.

We have projected part of our consciousness into our physical bodies, into every organ, cell and atom. By giving us a balance of Sacred Science, Historical context and Technique we can progressively doctionary ourselves to heal and make informed choices within the dramas of our own personal life and the Cosmos in which we exist. The first option would be great if it worked. How do we navigate ourselves though the Spiritual sciencce jungle?

We could pick many sciecne examples. It is creating, but without a conscious context and fluency. We can take a personal journey moving from believing to knowing, from hope to certainty; a transition of immense significance and an everlasting shift in self-awareness and empowerment.