This account of the conflict comes from Knytlinga Saga: The History of the Kings of Denmark, an anonymous chronicle that may have been. (The Saga of the Knýtlingar, i. e. descendents of Knútr). probably late s. Iceland. Old Norse. An Icelandic compilation about Danish kings. The author cannot. Knytlinga Saga has 2 ratings and 0 reviews: Published by Odense University Press (Denmark), pages, Hardcover.

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They had a number of children, who will be mentioned later.

A great battle had to be fought there before he was able to win Mildinborg, with slaughter on such a scale that men walked across the River Milden on human bodies without wetting their feet. King Eirik seized a great deal of money as war booty but would take none of it for himself, and divided it all amongst his troops. Knut thrust forward his shield right over the neck of his horse and the stroke landed on the shield just below the handgrip with such force that it sliced right through the shield, and the horse too, as deep as the shoulder.

Being an emperor was a bit of a balancing act — comfortable footwear helped. King Edmund now gathered a great army and marched against King Knut. Duke Heinrek took the town and killed an uncounted number of Wends. East in Russia the virtuous adviser visisted land-guardians lavish to their lord, hating meanness.

He had eighteen ships and sailed for Wendland where he began looting as soon as he reached land. They promised to keep the peace with all territories which the king did not wish them kknytlinga plunder.

King Harald refers to Mstislav I of Kiev ssga see below]. A digitally enhanced picture of the strapping philanderer. The troops were to assemble at Gronsund, where Archbishop Askel came with the men of Skaane, Bishop Absalon with the Zealanders, and Kristoforus with his own force. He plundered widely both to the east in the Baltic and south in Saxony. Bishop Absalon had him taken and the truth forced out of him. After that, King Valdimar went back to Denmark.

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Eventually the king arrives but the Danes had already disbanded leaving the Sagx the only ones there ]. As Earl Ulf could see, it was a fine, well-furnished farmhouse. First he asga to Rugen and ordered the people there to go with him to Wolgast.

Knýtlinga saga

Magnus always had a large following with him and spent most of his time at the court of his father King Nikulas, but sometimes each of them stayed at his own place. He was a strong ruler, and punished severely all those with whom he thought he had a score to settle: The noble marriage-knot, was nourished, I know, when king and earl entered upon warlike action: For ages were the English eaten up with hatred of the raven-feeders who foraged with their, fleet: The duke went with his army to Demminwhile King Valdimar raised a levy yet once more from every part of Denmark and pillaged through Wolgast and Fuznon so that the whole population fled.

Many great men from England, Denmark, Sweden and east from Russia are descended from them, including the royal house of Denmark. However, as King Knut was still only a boy and unaccustomed to military command, his friends advised him to send an army to England, but put someone else in charge, and not go there himself until he was older.

Knytlinga Saga: History Of The Kings Of Denmark by Hermann Pálsson

How far is it from here to our ships? Many chieftains went with King Knut to England. She again returned to Poland in leaving the sons behind knytlingz taking the daughter.


He was born seven days after the death of his father the holy Lord Knut. Then Burizlav came to King Knut and the archbishop asking them for mercy, handing over as hostages to the king the sons of the best men in the land, and gave the king three hundred marks and the bishop eight hundred.

He was astonished at the speed of their journey, and thanked them for undertaking his expedition. Brave and resolute, Egil stood forward and fought like a true warrior.

Then on some open ground before him he saw a full-grown youngster herding a flock of sheep. This is what Thorleik knyltinga Fair said in the poem he wrote about Svein Ulfson: Then King Valdimar called his counsellors together ago consult them about what should be done, and Bishop Absalon gave this reply. Now Iwant all my men to know that we shall either force back the aggressor or die ourselves. Nkytlinga Danes captured one of their ships, but eight of them got away.

The Rugeners did as he asked and went wight he king in large numbers, knytinga to Kuaviz.

Knut’s Invasion of England in 1015-16, according to the Knytlinga Saga

Thereafter, Richiza apparently returned to Poland seemingly leaving her sons in Denmark. He set his ships against the surf-beaten shore, the rain-swept strand he surrounded with ranged spear-points and shields, he plundered their shores, isolated the Isle-Danes with war-crimsoned arms. Then Kristoforus and his companions came with all their men, and immediately began to attack: