Darstellung hotel- und gaststättenspezifischer Belange durch 6-stelligen Kontenrahmen; Jahresabschluss; Betriebswirtschaftliche Auswertung “Hotel- und . DATEV-Kontenrahmen in Anlehnung an den österreichischen Einheitskontenrahmen. Zwischenblatt Kontenrahmen – Stadt Altena. from altena · Embed Share. Erläuterungen Gastronomie Einzelhandel – Stadt Altena. from altena · Embed Share.

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CoUana di quaderni agrari, n. The fifth in a series of propaganda pamp3ilets of the Junta Reguladora de Vinos in praise of Argentinean wines. Mimeographed on one side of leaf only. BulletinMarch, Relation of gastroomie soil factors to Concord grape production. Lisboa [Editorial Imperiol Preface and foreword by Prof.

Kontenrahmen Hotels und Gaststätten Basis SKR 04

Reputed relative values of imported and domestic wines and spirits. Evidence on a malo-lactic fermentation in Italian wines. Etiquette of serving sparkling wines. Laboratorio Zimotec- nico Italiano.

Collection ‘”Provinciales’O 2d ed. New York, Published for hussies and homebodies by M. Nicolas Garcia de los Salmones Vyjimecny tarif 18B2 vino atd.


Marketing order for wine, as amended; as issued by the Gastrono,ie of Agricul- ture on Friday, June 25,for the assent of processors of wine in the State of California. Propaganda for drinking wines. A report on Cyprus viticulture.

PriceMinister – Erreur

Basic method of analysis. Montpellier, Edition de La Journee Vinicole, I prodottl delle Industrie agrarie, V. A simple manual for winery workers. Barthe, avant-propos de M. Doin et Cie, Recommended procedures are well illustrated.

Propossds bastronomie changes in legal restrictions are of particular interest. Manufacturing industriesno. Centro nacional de ensino e pesquisas agron6micas. The Second World War almost completely cut off the normal exchange of information between Europe and the rest of the world.

Lyon, Silvestre 3 p. Publikace Ustredniho svazu vinaf u Ceskosloven- skych sv.

Paris, Maurice Ponsot, Editeur [ C2 3, kontenrwhmen. Agricultural E 2 q eriment Station, Ber- keley, Calif. History and characteristics of the gassy wines of the north of Portugal. Roma, Agraria Editrice [?

Centro di cura uvale di Agliano d’Asti. A simplified outline of winery sanitation and operation including wine pro- duction and analysis. Longo e Zoppelli, This is listed after the phrase: San Francisco, State of California.


How to cook with wine, [ p. Text in German, English, and French. The region, its grapes and wines. Aguardentes, cervejas, licores, xaropes e refrescos de frutas e hortalijas Practical Instructions for grape growers and winemakers together with much miscellaneous agricultural Information of interest to them. Corso di industrie agrarie.

Further- more, in certain of the more important sciences there was a modicum of ex- change through neutral countries, diplomatic channels, and other means. In favor of state control of the wine industry of France. CircularAugust, Paris, Editions de la Belle France, Experiment Station Record Katalog mashin spirtovykh zavodov. Hostess book of favorite wine recipes-wartime edition, 29 p.