Read The Kouros Marriage Revenge by Abby Green by Abby Green by Abby Green for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and . Read “The Kouros Marriage Revenge” by Abby Green with Rakuten Kobo. When Greek shipping magnate Alexandros Kouros wed Kallie Demarchis, media. After reading THE KOUROS MARRIAGE REVENGE, fans of Mills and Boon Modern Romance will immediately add new writer Abby Green to their auto buy list.

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View all 8 comments. But of course, they come face-to-face. Blackmailed into the Marriage Bed.

April Harlequin Presents. And then Alexandros too drops a bomb after her revelation which cleared things up between them, and they lived HEA. Kallie gets drunk and catches Alexandros alone and makes a clumsy move on him.

The Kouros Marriage Revenge

This book built up the plot really well then it all fell apart at the end. Like to read Abby Green but not a great fan of her emotionally stunted hero in this one.

Wedding Night with Her Enemy. He’d have great pleasure taking revenge—for the mistake that had destroyed their youth— when he took her as his arranged bride! So, Alexandros spent a lot of time with Kallie’s family. Alexandros is out for revenge though. Alexandro’s grandfather stated in his will that Alexandro had to marry within six months to receive his share marrixge Kouros Shipping.

Kallie’s always wary of him, the author emphasized her discomfort around him and even when they’re starting tevenge feel comfor I didn’t like any part of this story at all. The real kicker is that the cousin was apparently hiding in revsnge bushes and takes a cellphone pic of the attempted seduction. Harlequin Presents June – Box Set 2 of 2. It’s thoroughly enjoyable watching him turn from an alpha bear with a sore head to a passionate man with feelings.


He would take revenge by taking her as his bride… It was the society wedding of the year! You guessed it – she’s the bride of convenience he revennge and plans to divorce shortly after the honeymoon.

Seven years ago Kallie was the sole reason he lost a very important merger and although he’s revfnge the fury he felt at the time when she betrayed him as only a close family friend can betray him he’s completely floored when he spots her marrkage the room.

She got pregnant on accident. It’s been a while since the last time I’ve read a book from Ms. The prose and narrative execution lacked excitement. Maybe this was just a fluke.

The Kouros Marriage Revenge (Greek Tycoons) by Abby Green

But behind the happy scenes lay a different story…. Harlequin Presents December – Box Set 2 of 2. Her manipulative cousin encourages her to go and tell him how much she loves him. Pregnant by the Millionaire. The Kouros Marriage Revenge will have you sitting on the edge of your seat with a box of tissues burning the midnight oil. The Queen’s Nine-Month Scandal. Claiming His Nine-Month Consequence. I really loved Alex so much. Why she was still protecting her cousins seven revente later made no sense.

Regardless of the formula, I like the emotion and angst, and how you can see that the H can’t help but care for the h, even when he thinks badly of her. She is absolutely stunning and Alexandros has no doubt he will enjoy the marriage in the traditional sense and enjoy throwing her to the curb even more, like she deserves. Plus she feels guilty about the innocent kiss and the email her cousin sent from her account that ruined his life. There are times you will want to slap him for his desire not only for revenge but also because he is using his newly acquired wife of convenience rsvenge the most hurtful of ways, strictly for his pleasure.


The Kouros Marriage Revenge by Abby Green

When Da Silva Breaks the Rules. Baby of His Revenge. What neither Kallie nor Alexandros bank on is the intensity of their attraction to each other.

The every next morning pictures appeared in the paper of them kissing sent by per personal email and his engagement was called off. But we all know who’s to blame for that, don’t we? Now he has to work to keep the business afloat due to the loss of the merger. Once a Moretti Wife. Feb 18, Hannah rated it really liked it. En el fondo, marruage como lectora reconoce marriiage este estilo de personajes femeninos son una mierd4: At least they didn’t jump onto a bed as soon as they found one.

He already has a negative opinion about Kallie, and she doesn’t correct him, but he does need revegne convenient wife. At first it looked promising, but as per the title it’s all about revenge. No trivia or quizzes yet.

While reading that book I was reminded of this book that I’d read some years back, because the premise in both books were somewhat similar even if the execution varied slightly. I really liked this upon re-read.