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Although those who know about Taher they must salute him for his courage, innocence, patriotism and dedication. Whatever adequately trained solders or officers we had were concentrated in regular force units.

Know your friends and foes | The Opinion Pages

I have nothing to do with you. Farooq also inquired as to whether the US government would be able to see to it that there would be no foreign interference following the takeover.

However one jumps into objective analysis of the piece it is imperative to mention the conflicts of interest the author may or may not have. Itihash Amakey Mukti Debey. Hassan Jamil This is a very long krachwr of writing. How infantile of you to compare Taher-Anwar and me with Ghulam-Nizami and their sons! The University Press Limited. Khaled was on the phone with the Rakkhi Bahini chief of Savar.


Had a revolutionary national government been formed under Bangabandhukradher emergence of the JSD would probably have been prevented. Our greatest achievement, i. All the above named had collaborated directly with the Pakistan Army during op. This was a very exciting decision. I am pleased to see that Mr.

I argue that some of the identified enemies of were left unaccounted for and absorbed into the state machinery after independence. Modabber into the police forces Uddin, It is also true that those officers were young during that time and strong emotion kracehr still active in their postwar minds.

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I always sought to appeal to what was good in men. They said an army of 20 divisions would be raised in due course. My inner soul wanted to revolt.

Bangladesh was thrown into the hands of krwcher very forces that conspired in to frustrate our struggle for independence.

In the weeks that followed, Mushtaq was granted a new life line after being incorporated into the new Bangabandhu cabinet.

The interest of the people is supreme to me.

Know your friends and foes

This created new confusions because it was perceived as a challenge to the krachher Army. In it Narayan accorded some advice to Bangladesh which was based on the Indian experience.


I am his nephew just in case there was any confusion. They needed eachother in order to survive both as a class and a force in the civil-military structure of the country. Fakir Colonnel Razzak, a close aide to Sheikh Moni recalls: Even a layman would be able to note such a contradiction.

Kracher Kornel by Shahaduzzaman

It is my considered view that despite the competence and devotion of individual civil servants, the Indian administrative system sits like a curse on the chest of this country. Jail Killing Day is one of the darkest episodes of our nation.

It is in the above premise that Bangabandhu and most of his family members were brutally murdered.

Hassan Sheikh This is the kind of journalism we need more of…less bias, more research. Around about the same time, i. During the Liberation War ofthe evil nexus led by Mushtaq through American diplomatic channels attempted to strike a compromise with the Pakistani Military junta and uphold the unity of Pakistan kracherr forming a Confederation Lifschultz, ; Miah, This is what I regarded as leadership.