Constitution in North-Rhine/Westphalia (Gesetz über den Verfas- Landespressegesetz NRW – LPG NRW) is intended to prevent the frustration of crim-. 9 Abs. 1 Nr. 1 Pressegesetz für das Land Nordrhein-Westfalen . 29 Heilberufsgesetz (HeilBG NRW) of in der Fassung vom. Wir verwiesen unsererseits auf die behördliche Auskunftspflicht gemäß Paragraph 4 Landespressegesetz NRW. Immerhin auf die Lokalpresse ist Verlass.

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Necessary measures can be taken to ensure that the motor vehicle taxes applicable to road vehicles routed in combined transport are reduced or reimbursed. Foreign owned kindergartens and nrww may be established or transformed at the request of foreign legal entities in accordance with international agreements and conventions and under the provisions above. The purchase of real estate property for enterprises, associations and other bodies, public or private institutions, foundations and charitable trusts that have no landespressefesetz office in Denmark will be permitted where the acquisition is a prerequisite for the business activities of the purchaser.

For biologists, chemical analysts, agronomists and ” periti agrari “, residency ladnespressegesetz enrolment in the professional register is required. For medical, dental and midwives services, French nationality is landespredsegesetz. Services provided to unmanned vessels in Bulgarian ports and warehouses on the Danube river are provided only through Bulgarian enterprises incorporation is required.

Additionally a pension scheme can also be offered by pension scheme providers established in accordance with the regulations applicable in a Member State of the EU.

Investment Authorisation is subject to an economic needs test. Only the juridical persons established in the EU may obtain a licence.

Law on land reform in the cities of the Republic of Latvia, ss. The Chairperson of the Management Board, the Chairperson of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director and the Managerial Agent must have a permanent address or hold landeapressegesetz durable residence permit in Bulgaria. Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas, services incidental to mining, related scientific and technical consulting services.

Investment and Cross-Border Trade in Services In the EU, the organisation of the siting of letter boxes on the public highway, the issuing of postage stamps, and the provision of the registered mail service used in the course of judicial or administrative procedures may be restricted in accordance with national legislation.

Registration is necessary only for doctors participating landespressdgesetz the public health scheme. For hospital and ambulance services, residential health facilities other than hospital services and social services, an authorisation is necessary in order to exercise management functions.


heilberufsgesetz nrw pdf free – PDF Files

EU level – National — Regional Measures: Dissertation Hertzsch – Paint Consult ; Cross-Border Trade alndespressegesetz Services In order to engage in the occupation of road transport operator, a Swedish licence is needed. Only attorneys may be partners in a law firm. As set out in the Description element Description: Citizenship requirement for membership in the Bar Council. Regarding medical services, non-nationals of a Member State of the EEA may apply for the following authorisations: Cross-Border Trade in Services The provision of rail transport services requires a licence, which can only be granted to railway undertakings established in a Member State of the EU.

Financial Services In order to obtain a licence to open a branch office, lnadespressegesetz insurers must have a legal form corresponding or comparable to a joint stock company or a mutual insurance association in their home country.

Licences for transmission and distribution of fuels may only be issued to legal persons of Lithuania or branches of foreign legal persons or nr organisations subsidiaries established in Lithuania.

heilberufsgesetz nrw pdf free

For legal services other than advisory services to clients related to their legal rights and obligations and providing information on legal matters, commercial presence is restricted to sole proprietorships or to law firms with limited liability, in which lansespressegesetz permission is needed from the Bar Association Advokatuur. Investment The Danish Act on Acquisition of Real Property applies to agricultural land, as the term “real property” refers to all real estate and thus includes agricultural and rural land.

Only nationals of a Member State of the EEA or of the Swiss Confederation may be admitted to the Bar, and landespressegessetz thus entitled to provide legal services landespresseyesetz respect of domestic law. Prior to any exploitation activity, a permit for exploration is needed “permesso di ricerca”, art.

Landespressevesetz law firms where the shares belong exclusively to lawyers admitted to the Portuguese Bar can practice in Portugal; access to the profession of “solicitadores” is subject to a requirement of nationality of a Member State of the EU. A company having its head office outside the EEA has to prove that it supplies placement services in its country of origin. Ambulance services are subject to planning, permission and accreditation.

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Rental of aircraft Type of Reservation: Financial Services In order to be authorised to manage the securities settlement system or central securities depository services with an establishment in Italy, a company is required to be incorporated in Italy no branches.


Cross-Border Trade in Services The competent authorities of a Member State of the EU may recognise the equivalence of the qualifications of an auditor who is a national of Canada or of any third country in order to approve them to act as a statutory auditor in the EU subject to reciprocity.

Third country nationals can enrol under condition of reciprocity. Full admission to the Bar is allowed only for nationals of a Member State of the EU or for foreign nationals, who are qualified lawyers and have obtained their diploma providing the capacity to practice in a Member State of the EU.

For foreigners, where the acquisition of immovable property exceeds the extent necessary for the erection of a premises for a house or professional roof, or otherwise exceeds the extent of two donums sq.

Investment In order to commence independent practice in a pharmacy, a foreign pharmacist or pharmacist’s assistant, educated in a state which is not a Member State of the EU or a Member State of the EEA, must work for at least one year in a pharmacy under the supervision of a pharmacist. The bank shall be managed and represented jointly by at least two persons, at least one of whom shall be proficient in the Bulgarian language.

Only financial institutions registered in Bulgaria and foreign financial institutions with a seat in a Member State of the EU may carry out activity on the territory of Bulgaria. M-Vpage. Investment and Cross-Border Trade in Services Geographical restrictions may be imposed on professional registration, which apply to nationals and non-nationals alike.

In Spain, Sweden and Finland there is no legal distinction between maritime and internal waterways. ISeite The competent authority may grant exemptions from this requirement. The commander of a fishing vessel over 20 gross tonnages shall be a national of a Member State of the EEA. To provide legal services, commercial presence may be required to take one of the legal forms which are allowed under national law on a non-discriminatory basis.