El Caso del Creador. Un Periodista Investiga Evidencias Cientificas Que Apuntan Hacia Dios. by Lee Strobel (Author),. Share. El caso del creador: Un periodista investiga evidencias científicas que apuntan hacia Dios. (Spanish Edition) eBook: Lee Strobel: : Kindle Store. Buy El Caso del Creador: Un Periodista Investiga Evidencias Cientificas Que Apuntan God by Lee Strobel (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store.

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Craig Blomberg Strobel straightaway asks the question upon which his entire investigation hinges: A few things hampered my attention span cxso this book: He is not worth reading. What I wo This book is very difficult to consider objectively, obviously so.

However, the Scholar responds by saying that the Book of John talks about a baptism done in a lake that has 4 vats inside of it. As somebody caeo has read several atheist critiques of the New Testament, it’s always frustrating when an author doesn’t understand that discrepancies between different individual accounts of an event don’t imply that the central facts within the accounts are false.

The investigation is therefore entirely one-sided and shallow, and the pat, easy conclusions are suspect. No historians ever later talked about this because apparently there were no older siblings or parents who ever moved or travelled anywhere and talked about what had happened that year?

Any reasonable person – believer or not – genuinely soul-searching, reading this book in the spirit in which it’s supposedly written, will see through the lef of shoddy logic and self-delusion upon which it’s written. I suppose it would have had to strkbel quite a bit longer for me to have been satisfied.

Strobel and his interviewees throughout the book insist on the importance of not viewing discrepancies between the gospel accounts creadpr proof of falsehood, but as something that’s to be expected from any set of historical documents.

I realize he wanted this book to feel more like an inviting novel pee an acutely tuned scientific paper, but I thought him awfully hypocritical to write the following from Chapter I first started reading this book in the hopes of having a better rational grounding for my faith.

I think that if you pick up and read a book with a title like The Case for Christ, you probably have an open mind to Christianity, so it was all the more disappointing that this wasn’t well-done. Which would have been fine, if that had been addressed honestly. They touch on some of the prophecies contained in the Old Testament, sure, but if you aren’t convinced like I am that the Old Testament is in any way reliable or worthwhile, then what’s going to convince you that the New Strobbel is?


The Gospels and Letters were written near enough to the events they chronicled and are similar enough to each other and are confirmed with physical places and verified by other contemporary writing sources in enough ways for me to say that the Bible is, in fact, historically true as relayed by the authors aka False advertising on the book jacket.

Mainly because the questions and answers were designed to point in one direction. But in this book, where they discuss the appearances of the resurrected Jesus, Jesus doesn’t just appear to the apostles and those who already believed, but also to random people on the street, and more specifically to people who were skeptical or downright nonbelievers while Jesus was alive.

But despite his constant self-congratulating in the book, he doesn’t make a good argument that it’s highly logical based on the evidence. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Simply put, I did not like the ruse that Strobel offers as a personal background – that he was a non-believer and that this reserach changed his mind. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

El Caso Del Creador by Lee Strobel (2 star ratings)

White ‘s books instead. And while that’s cool, none of that’s important to what we’re here to do, so let’s look at archaeology! This was a pretty decent piece of newspaper-style investigation on Christ.

I am a strong believer and it did nothing for me Representing both sides of any argument is vital not only in a legal setting, but in journalism especially. When a friend recommended this book to me, I was intrigued. According to every expert Strobel interviewed that I came across, despite being approx.

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He doesn’t acknowledge that weakness in some of the more important topics particularly weakens the entire structure of his argument. When the scholar answers the question, Strobel says on almost every occasion”well that makes sense. I thought the book was going to be atrobel that, a skeptical atheist that sought to disprove religion and on this path he was converted.

They had very little to gain by holding on to these books, and they had a lot to lose their lives. Though Les may have intended this technique as a way to engage the reader after all, who wants to read dry, academic prose? However, I would never use “The Case for Christ” to try to prove any of this creadkr someone who doesn’t accept it.


The reasoning is very unclear in a number of places. Which made this book mainly an annoying parade of convenient answers from e whose livelihoods depend on those convenient answers.

Lee Patrick Strobel is an American Christian author, journalist, apologist and pastor. Strobel offered commonly asked questions, which some were good questions that a person dipping their feet into Christianity for the first time.

One in particular stood out, where a guy killed his whole family and was convicted because of the bloodwork and the fact that there were pajama fibers in I really hated the graphic details of murders at the beginning of each chapter. In addition, he commences the proceedings or professes to, anyway stdobel the kind of objective, wherever-the-facts-may-lead attitude this subject matter demands. The argument is made that Jesus’ resurrection must have been true because without it the Christian faith would fall apart As ler once asked rhetorically “Would you rather spend eternity IN heav Having been a Christian for a long time this was a quick easy read.

Lee Strobel

What I would criticise though, is the way the argument is presented. Despite touting his book as a kind of trial for the Christian faith, The Case for Christ features a very one-sided argument, with Strobel’s choice of witnesses practically precluding his verdict from the beginning. So, far from going in for Christ, he went in to disprove Christ.

I really hated the graphic details of murders at the beginning of each chapter.

For this reason, I was actually surprised to find The Case for Christ to be something of a mixed bag, rather than a total loss, and I was glad I read it. Let’s do the good news first. So close, yet so, so far away. No trivia or quizzes yet. But I just knew I would hate it.