Susskind’s new book, The Cosmic Landscape: String Theory and the .. From Leonard Susskind, in his email exchange with Lee Smolin. Leonard Susskind, a founder of the theory and one of its leading practitioners, But most of “The Cosmic Landscape” is structured not around. Leonard Susskind in his book The Cosmic Landscape takes the reader along to share his perceptions of the ultimate boundary; the one about.

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But with a few caveats, I think one could be a logical positivist and not have trouble with most physics. A theory may be based on quantities that are not directly observable, and still make falsifiable predictions about experimentally observable quantities.

Three chapters of everything String Theory. The illusion of intelligent design is hardly mentioned except for the author stating that it’s the law of large numbers of universes forming on the cosmic landscape which is enough to account for our susskund tuned universe supporting life.

In the long run, though, if leaders like Susskind and Weinberg convince taxpayers that theoretical particle physics is not worth funding, then who are the real suckers?

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The Cosmic Landscape | Not Even Wrong

Some are friendly to life and many landecape that do not. Since we may know first the experimental outcome, of course, the practical utility of this kind of theories is zero. Thus the C-Y spaces allow a Landscape of possibilities. The book was great though, until there was a “hiccup” at the end with his bragging about how he proved Hawking was wrong with information lost in a black hole and that his new radical idea of information being transmitted with the outgoing Hawking radiation was the solution.


But that’s just to get started on the main topic. The theory also exhibited a nasty tendency to produce Rube Goldberg machines.

Where the logical positivists part ways is with people who tend to espouse a coherency theory of truth. He goes through some of the current theories on how ‘pocket universes’ form and exactly what would be possible in order for those universes to support life.

Mar 11, Brett cosmoc it liked it Shelves: In this Panglossian paradigm, the universe has been ‘fine-tuned’ for our benefit. Like if the digits of Pi started repeating your phone number after a billion decimal places. Inside the Doomsday Machine. He leonsrd the question, “If the universe is intelligently designed by a supernatural being, who designed the designer?

All of these topics are just the background for the b This is quite a remarkable book.

Book Review: The Cosmic Landscape

Also, I recommend his books over his lectures on iTunes University. But both theories are alive and well, and the subject of ongoing research, to this very day. It seems to me that reverses the logical cause and effect- since we have evolved in this universe, obviously the physical constants and laws must permit our existence. Stars are also probably needed for rocky planets with liquid water. It’s widely accepted since it does explain a lot, such as the extreme “flatness” and homogeneity of space.


Besides those things, the strength of gravity which is extrememly weak compared to other forces has to be weak enough together with the cosmological constant so that the universe doesn’t collapse almost as soon as it forms. The chapter on the black hole war covers beautifully the behind the scenes battle among scientists.

The Cosmic Landscape – Wikipedia

This is quite a remarkable book. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It represents the probability that an electron will emit a photon as it moves along its trajectory. Specifically, he addresses the question as to whether the universe is the way it is because we see it that way or because of another reason. You submitted landscspe following rating and review.

Susskind says that perhaps there are many universes, each with its own constants, but only those where the constants are close to ours have beings like ourselves. Please review your cart. I just understood the more surface level explanation of the weirdness of something that appears to be zero for digits suddenly not being zero anymore.

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