Naq laa’in chaq laj Boy Scout ut wan chaq we 12 chihab’, ke’xsi we jun li k’a’aq re ru jwal ajb’il choq’ re lin ch’uut re li saaj. A’ab jun li ch’ina maal rik’in li. Octubre | Wan xk’uub’anb’il na’leb’ li Qaawa’ choq’ qe! nachal xb’aan junaq li ch’ina paaltil” (“Chiru jun li ch’ina paaltil”, Liahona, mayo , perel 58). Rajlal naqab’i li Awa’b’ej Thomas S. Monson chi aatinak chirix li “teneb’anb’il sa’ qab’een re xk’amb’aleb’ wi’chik”. Nachal sa’ inch’ool jun resil sa’ li ak’.

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This internet cafe doesn’t have a place for me to download photos so I can’t and I don’t like it. Then they said that they were going to go dancing and invited us to go with them. It was the funniest thing.

They started to make a break for it, but we didn’t let them leave without a handshake and a smile I was very grateful!!! I decided to give my 2nd hamburger to Bruno. Clair’s email this week made us smile. We have to do things to show God that we are capable and that is when we receive blessings and help.

I love my family so so so so much! Will you come for me? I love you all so so so so much and I’m sending a letter with a day in the life of me much more detailed. What an adorable song that is.

Sala de Prensa Mormona – La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días en México

Seeing Diego’s face was priceless!! It rained a lot saturday night so we had 45 members at church. She also invited us to spend Christmas with her and her family. She only has 2 changes left, 3 months and will be home for Christmas.


We went home and did our studies and had weekly planning. I have always known that scripture, but never had I applied it in this way. We’re going for it! After that excitement, we finished planning and got ready for bed.

Then we prayed and Ede Diaz gave us her famous apple pie.

Later, we had a lesson with Martin and he gave us necklaces and rings. I am just frustrated with the language. Apparently the last president was way number focused and the mission was a little corrupt with pride for these things. He said hello and then stood at the front of the room for all of us to shake his hand, and tell him our name and where we were from.

Most people would never do that for the first time. At dinner broccoli, beets, fried bananas, the tamale and tea we ate with Lucy and Tonio. I was just so aware that she was going back home to Canada to have Tim Hortons and speak english and watch tv and use her iphone and be a teenager who speaks english who has friends that speak english. Tuesday we had liahonx district meeting. His companion, Elder Noriega, is so great. But when we are rejected, we just have to make the best of it and leave them with liahonaa smile and a handshake.

Hermana Pilling in Peru: September

So as we were walking past, this couple sitting on a bench, called us over and started asking us questions about the States and missionary work. They are adorable and all day people complimented us on them. I also highly enjoyed the beautiful news from my mom that the Cowboys beat the Giants!


The Sustaining of Church Officers. We leave at 10 pm from here Wednesday night and get back the same time Thursday night hahaha.

It is now Pres.

octubre 2014

Elder Latin is finishing in 3 weeks too. His wife came proselyting with us on Friday for 5 hours!

He is so adorable. So I can’t send pictures from these computers and I feel really bad. The other is a mom ooctubre a young man named Gino. We taught her what we learned about in Sunday School, because she wasn’t at church.

After sacrament, Luzziel ran up to me and told me that he drew me another picture.

Small story from Friday: She invited us to come back to teach her “husband” about marriage and temples. She was baptized in Motupe. I can send home my chip eventually too. It was really smelly and loud.

During our first hour of study, Elder Chavez called. So we are working A LOT with less actives and working on contacting families only on the street. The man at the gate said “I can let you in but I don’t know what the guy at the other side will say.

That means there is a lot of pressure on the parents and lideres in the church to teach correct doctrine.