THE FUTURE OF MONEY Bernard A. Lietaer About the Author Bernard Lietaer had thirty years of professional experiences, which tend to mutually exclude each . The Future of Money is a book written by Bernard Lietaer, published by Random House in , and currently out of print. It was written as an overview of how. The Future of Money has ratings and 14 reviews. Joshua said: Fascinating! It is especially prescient given that it was published in (!) yet seem.

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Many of the problems we face, and the solutions we seek, reside within the architecture of our current monetary system and in our understanding of, and our agreements around, money. We must oc understand the main characteristics of our current money system, and why it has been so naturally adopted worldwide during the Industrial Age.

Climate change and biodiversity extinction Consider the following facts: This is why I have adopted here a whole systems approach to money.

The Future of Money

The interest rate decisions of central banks get our attention, and this is one of the reasons. The effect of interest The full implications of applying interest on the loans creating money are the least understood of the four characteristics. Help Create the Future of Money. These credits complement the normal healthcare insurance programme payable in yen, the Japanese national currency. From Stardust to Us and EarthDance: They knew mat if they had a problem some day, others would aid them in return.

Cardon Cartoon ‘Remaining locked in the prevailing interpretation of lietaee Called ‘mutual credit’ currencies, they can always be created in amounts that are sufficient, rather than scarce.

For instance, if Mr. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. We will see later that there also exist other types liwtaer currencies called mutual credit systems’, which are more self-regulating than national currencies, and the value of which is maintained lieetaer the backing of goods and services they represent within the communities that accept them. Brian Leslie is editor of Sustainable Economicsthe bi-monthly newsletter of the green economy working group of the English Green Party.


Transaction Net: The Future of Money by Bernard Lietaer

Historical futre have proven such results, some of them lasting over several centuries. Specifically in Europe, the traditional ways to handle unemployment are increasingly failing.

She has decided to improve her fluency in Mandarin Chinese by going for a six-month residency in China starting next year. It would require a shift in our perception of our relationship to money, the first in centuries. Fortunately, we now have ample evidence that supports less harsh interpretations of the ‘natural world’ see sidebar. The 3 stars are for the effort he must have gone through for collecting the evidence.

The opportunity that will be described in the pages following may seem as extraordinary as the crisis itself. The board considered the two main investment projects on today’s agenda: But these same information technologies also make it possible for new non-conventional complementary currencies to enter the mainstream and provide new tools for kietaer some of our most pressing challenges, both mlney and globally.

When steam power was introduced, it was not much cheaper than waterpower, and it took from to for its real price to miney cut in half. Like creating a global trading currency oietaer to a basket of commodities. Similarly, the euro – the single currency that, as of Januaryofficially replaced national currencies in 11 European countries has as one of its goals the creation of a more unified European consciousness.

It will even often make sense to use them in mixed payments part conventional cuture currency, part complementary currency. For the objects of human desire are limitless, or rather limited only by the imagination, which amounts to the same thing. Sanne Roemen rated it it was amazing Nov ffuture, O, it is the limited functionality of our money and monetary system that is a major force behind our present disorders. In essence, money is a lifeblood flowing through ourselves, our society, our global human community, and should be acknowledged and treated consciously.


We have become used to the idea that today’s Pound 1, laptop packs more futire than the Pound 10 million mainframe of 20 years ago. In contrast, the cost of computing power halves every 18 months. There are many people who, to this day, claim that ‘real’ money would be a return to the gold standard. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. It was in the nature of things that the few had access to key resources and the many did not.

Further below the radar beams of officialdom is the remarkable and explosive growth of grass-roots complementary currencies of various kinds. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Those who work in financial markets recognize that strong emotions rule most money issues: To participate in this process, we will need to: Both books contain a wealth of interesting facts about, and examples of, alternative currencies plus thought-provoking ideas and proposals.

InAlan Greenspan noted: But if you feel you need a refresher course, or if these domains are new to you, the Primer will lirtaer you painlessly up to speed on how our conventional money is created, who controls it, and how the money world lietaet works.

Only Lietaer, however, addresses the issue of international monetary exchanges.

What is behind each of these stories is technology related to money. More specifically, the type of currency used in a society encourages – or discourages – specific emotions and behavior patterns.