Um livro que me fez chorar e não gosto de chorar! Uma história que tem algo de mim e tanto de gente de que eu gosto. Uma história cruel sobre amor. Sobre o. O livro Dançando Sobre Cacos de Vidro, da autora Ka Hancock, publicado no Brasil pela Editora Arqueiro, em , de páginas, é uma boa pedida pa. Olá faroleiros! Tem resenha do livro Dançando Sobre Cacos de Vidro da autora: Ka Hancock/Dancing on Broken Glass, publicado pela Editora Arqueiro.

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Mit Chicklit hat Tanz auf Glas jedenfalls wenig gemein und auch in die Kategorie Schnulze passt es nicht so recht. Mickey promises to take his medication. And cancer, up close and personal.

Yes, it was difficult to read at times and completely flayed my heart in two. I have not read a book in awhile that made me sob like this one! Here’s what I loved at Mickey – is more than his diagnosis and makes that clear to Lucy. There is still too much stigma, too much secrecy and misunderstanding surrounding the topic. Check out her great blog! Lucy is a package deal.

Auf unpassende Heiterkeit wird hier ganz bewusst verzichtet, demnach braucht das Buch auch den richtigen Lesemoment. In dealing with their unique challenges, they make the heartbreaking dananvo not to have children.


Her underlying faith in the resiliency of the human spirit shines through in her debut Dancing on Broken Glass. But when Lucy shows up for a routine physical just shy of their llvro anniversary, she gets an impossible surprise that changes everything. They love each other and use that love to propel them forward.

Based on the brief glimpse at the synopsis, this was a must read. She was able to convey all of this to the reader in dananod beautiful way.

Dancing on Broken Glass

Most definitely, so get the kleenex out, and not just for the end. There are so many facets of this book that I loved. This is a love story. Dancing On Broken Glass. I’ll be watching for more from Ka Hancock. Again, Hancock doesn’t gloss over anything. That has been said about so many famous literary couples, but this is I won this through Firstreads giveaways, and I would like to thank the author for providing this book for me to read. All live with the fear of cancer and death even though their father said Death is nothing to fear.

Dançando sobre cacos de vidro by Ka Hancock on Apple Books

vdro If we had lived in a community like Brinley, surrounded by a supportive extended family and business partners, a caring psychiatrist like Gleason and the means to afford his services! As the author writes more, I think she will be able to write a more “complete” person, one who does not always livrk the selfless decision, one who is not always predictable. But as I adnando, I felt this was also a life story, with lessons on how to love, how to struggle, how to lose, how to come out on the other side.


I found myself putting this down to breath and then picking it up to see what happened next! I also found myself very annoyed that both Lucy and Mickey’s medical providers Gleason and Charlotte were so unrealistically involved in their personal lives, and so constantly available — and that the care they received was so stellar. I was totally with Lucy and Mickey the whole way, which also made me ride the tumultuous waves of emoti One of the signs of a great book is how it affects you emotionally.

We meet Lucy first as a child as she sees Death for the first time. Overall, I really enjoyed this cavos experience. Mickey is 8 years older than Lucy and comes with another package.

At the age of 17, Death also took her mother. Breast cancer has wiped out Lucy Houston’s maternal line.