A website blog about papercraft and scale paper model. Model making using paper or card board. Loki Helmet Papercraft. Thursday, 12 July Rauf Raphanus Mask and Costume. E-mail · Print. Download. Loki Helmet Papercraft. Kinda sick of making papercraft after spending 2 weeks trying to build a . some times I just google ‘papercraft loki helmet’ and look up all the.

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It cracked the paint that I had just finished, left me with a huge hole in the armor piece, and was just pretty much hideous. Now that I had all helemt the armor pieces completed in foam, it was time to start covering them in Worbla.

In truth, pretty much this entire costume was planned around what this dude had to say because of his phenomenal results making a much more impressive Loki costume for his own child. To start, I had to size the bracer pieces to my daughter. I painted all of the armor pieces with several layers of gesso on top of the wood glue and went about sanding the gesso down — but papercratt, smooth armor was not meant to be. Several coats of gesso and lots more sanding and it was time to attach them to the headpiece.

The whole thing was transferred over to craft foam, cut out, and glued together. So, my daughter Lily decided earlier this year that she wanted to be Loki for Halloween.

Marvel – Loki Helmet Life Size Papercraft Free Download

Further reading Older post Newer post. That piece got set aside with the horns and I moved on to the next bits: I am not sure if there is any difference between the two colors — but the blue foam worked just fine. Luckily, everything worked out. To begin with, it is super detailed.

After a ton of looking around online at Lady Loki costumes, I decided on a diadem style of heomet rather than a full helmet and spent a few hours going back and forth on sketches. It comes in sheets of various sizes and can be purchased online at many different places. Note for next time — start making the costume earlier. The shoulder piece was tricky.

Where we live it gets pretty cold on Halloween, so the inside of the coat was lined with green fleece and cotton.


Avengers – Loki Helmet Papercraft Free Download

Bracer template horrible mobile phone pics, sorry! Cut it super close — but pulled it off. Loko I used the same template to cut out and glue all of the additional pieces that looked like they were supposed to have depth. Foam melts when you get it too hot.

Marvel – Loki Helmet Life Size Papercraft Free Download

I know that was the case for me anyway. Anywho… the process of covering was largely the same for most of the pieces of armor. After priming and painting, it dawned on me that I had no clue how to attach the bracers to her. Too late to do anything about it at that point though — Halloween was only 3 days away and we were nowhere near done. It is also a really odd shape. I am a huge cosplay fan and have always wanted to try my hand at making something that looked cool papegcraft of foam and Worbla.

I think the end result pzpercraft cool, but to be honest it is not anywhere near what the film version has it looking like. As bad as I was about taking in-progress shots, she was worse. After cutting it off, I used the template, drew paprrcraft sketches to make a more detailed papercrwft that matched as closely as my limited skills and timeline could manage the screenshots from the movie, then transferred it and cut the pieces out of craft foam.

The raised bumps were made using some of those little plastic jewels that you can find at hobby stores — everything else is just foam and superglue. Your email address will not be published. To save time, we went The Avengers route honestly just because it seemed to have less pieces than most of the others.

So right out of the gate, the very first eyelet that I popped in got all mangled and gnarly looking. After a bit of back and forth with my wife about how overboard we were willing to go with it, we set about making plans. I glued some tin foil on the back of the gem to help reflect the light through it. You see, depending on whose cosplay you look at, or which screencap you see online of the actual armor piece, they all seem to be slightly different.


Honestly even the word amateur seems a bit too kind as this was my first real go at doing anything like this using these materials. I used a bit of vaseline in the mold to act as a release and set about mixing up the resin.

Loki Helmet Papercraft

I used a combination of clay sculpting tools and the tools from an old iPhone repair kit to get into the creases and edges to make the details as sharp as I could manage. After printing everything out on some heavy card stock and spending a few hours cutting and taping pieces together, I had the basic horn shapes.

As I mentioned earlier, most of the rest of the costume was done by my wife. Once I had one done, I just flipped the template over on another piece of foam, transferred, and made a mirror copy. Helme picked up some wood filler, but in the end, I wound up only using it for the horns.


Worbla is pretty easy to cut with a decent pair of scissors, but it is easier if you heat it first. When heated it becomes pliable and when it cools back down it is basically plastic. I only got about 4 coats of gesso added to the actual headpiece — and it shows. In papercraf, I should have gotten the quick cure stuff cause the stuff I bought had a 24 hour cure time.

The craft foam was sandwiched in between layers of Worbla which were snipped and folded around the backside of each piece. Added 3 drops of green food coloring to the mix and poured the resin into the mold. In the end, my wife wound belmet making the majority of the leather and cloth bits while my main focus was on the armor and helmet.

I wanted all of the additional shapes in the design to be raised to give it a bit more detail and depthso those shapes were also cut out of an additional piece of foam and then superglued to the template.