Ferdinand Bardamu Book Series (2 Books). 1. Viagem Ao Fim da Noite (Em Portuguese do Brasil) by Louis-Ferdinand Céline (). More buying choices -. Title, Viagem ao fim da noite. Volume 10 of Colecção Clássicos do romance contemporâneo. Author, Louis-Ferdinand Céline. Published, Morte a Crédito – Louis-Ferdinand Céline. Morte a Crédito. by: Louis-Ferdinand Céline (author) Viagem ao Fim da Noite – Louis-Ferdinand Céline. Morte a.

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Journey to the End of the Night

Poi vengono quelli bravi e ancora dopo quelli bravissimi. The difference with those who followed the Soviet path is that most of them abandoned it when it became clear what Marxist-Leninist practice actually involved.

And the ever-elusive Robinson. In America, con Molly. Un tale accostamento di termini varebbe non uno, ma dieci premi nobel.

Don’t need nothing from no one.

View all 21 comments. Suddenly he fell asleep in the candlelight. And where, I ask you, can a man escape to, when he hasn’t enough madness left inside him?

How Celine marches his protagonist Bardamu as a worker, doctor, people and lover through the turmoil of war and the societies in Africa, America hoite Paris. Coincidentally I am reading The Gulag Archipelago at the moment and Stalin also murdered many millions of his fellow countrymen in the name of peace and an ideal society.


Released viayem military service, he studied medicine and emigrated to the USA where he worked as a staff doctor at the newly build Ford plant in Detroit before returning to Louuis and establishing a medical practice among the Parisian poor. The parts that ring true frighten with self-recognition; the parts that ring less true, smack of the absurd to again frighten with self-recognition. Corrections 3 19 Apr 25, Non possiamo saperlo se non nelle condizioni specifiche.

View all 25 comments. Ci si deteriora, ci si rim. Don’t say Bukowski, please. The novel carries mainly autobiographical features. Ao longo do percurso, vai se revelando a visao de mundo soturna e pessimista de Celine, sempre pontuada por um humor cinico e um desencanto quase patologico pela humanidade.

An anti-Semite, a misogynist, pretty much full of hate all around. He slept like everybody else.

23 best Louis Ferdinand Celine* images on Pinterest | Celine, Ferdinand and Writers

One of the great prose stylists of the last century? As Robinson says to Madelon, “Ferdinand isn’t a bad sort, but delicacy isn’t his strong point End of the night, end fefdinand the night. The Church, the state, the national pride, the middle-class petty bourgeoisie, the decadent upper class and humanity in itself, Celine buttoned relentlessly.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Thanks for telling us about the problem. But the marvel was too great for one man alone. This is undoubtedly one of the great novels. Comunque, ho difeso la mia anima fino ad oggi e se la morte, domani, venisse a prendermi, non sarei, ne sono certo, mai tanto freddo, cialtrone, volgare come gli altri, per quel tanto di gentilezza e di sogno che Molly mi ha regalato nel corso di qualche mese d’America”.


That is its strength. Ferdinand Bardamu’s miserable picaresque travails seem more absurd than sympathetic. Or perhaps that’s better expressed this way: For a whole hour the sky paraded in great delirious spurts of scarlet from end to end; after that the green of the trees exploded and rose up in quivering trails to meet the first stars.

Their experiences are featured prominently in his fiction. Perhaps you nolte check it out if your nihilism grows wary of Vogue Sono contenta che qualcuno abbia avuto il coraggio di scrivere un libro simile. Janna Shaw In some ways, Knausgaard is doing a fine job of blowing Celine off his existentially murky pedestal.