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Role of focused assessment with sonography for trauma as a screening tool for blunt abdominal trauma in young children after high energy trauma. The findings were correlated with the presence of injury to adjacent organs.

abdominal blunt trauma: Topics by

Twenty cases of bowel perforation found at the jejunum 8ileum 9and colon 3and six cases of mesenteric injuries were confirmed by operation. Laparatomy revealed that the transverse and ascending colon partially herniated in the abdominal wall defect. Symptoms disappeared following surgical removal of the lesion. Most of the lesions are unilateral and right sided.

In a year period, 43 patients with surgically confirmed GI perforation were identified from hospital records; 22 of these had preoperative CT evaluation. Of 67 patients who received NOM, 58 were successful and 9 showed failure 8 hemodynamic instability, 1 hollow viscera injury.

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The use of haemostatic lpb such as thrombin and the gelatine gel FloSeal and the use of polyglycolic acid meshes enable spleen-preserving surgery, making it a feasible and reproducible procedure and an alternative to classical splenectomy. Laparoscopy has been used for the diagnosis and treatment for hemodynamically stable patients with penetrating abdominal trauma.


The highest injury severity score calculated was A traumatic neuroma of the biliary tract is rarely associated with biliary obstruction. Persistence of abdominal signs indicates peritoneal lavage, which has a high diagnostic sensitivity for HVP compared to other diagnostic modalities.

The MDCT findings of 8 patients with a surgically proven complete actuxlizada transection were assessed retrospectively. Gastrointestinal injury from blunt abdominal trauma in. To evaluate the usefulness of clinical and laboratory data in pediatric patients with abdominal blunt traumathe case records of 43 pediatric cases with blunt trauma who were admitted to our hospital were reviewed retrospectively.

Blunt trauma to the abdomen is more likely to damage solid organs. An accurate scoring system for intra- abdominal injury IAI based on clinical manifestation and examination may lpy unnecessary CT scans, save time, and reduce healthcare cost. We report two patients with abdominal bleeding who were correctly diagnosed by this method. The remainder were treated conservatively with good results.

Full Text Available Hollow viscus injuries of the digestive tract are an uncommon occurrence in blunt abdominal trauma. There were no patients with Actualiazda VI injuries.

The 33 organs injured were: Spleen actualiizada and density in 44 trauma patients were studied with serial, contrast-enhanced Ct. Blunt trauma is the primary mechanism of injury seen at Charleston Area Medical Center, a rural level I trauma center. To determine the pattern, presentation and outcome of gastrointestinal injuries from blunt abdominal trauma in children.

This study aimed to determine the variables affecting implementing blunt abdominal trauma CPGs in an Iranian hospital. It is a useful roentgenologic sign denoting distension and actualizzda cresent air shadow in the duodenal sweep of the damaged pancreas.

In this study, we reviewed data to reevaluate the role of DPL in the diagnosis of hollow organ perforation in patients with blunt abdominal trauma.


Mean age of those in need of laparotomy was significantly higher than others We performed a retrospective study of consecutive CT scans over a period of 12 months to determine the incidence of isolated FF and the clinical outcome of patients managed in a large metropolitan trauma service.

Emergency ultrasound-based algorithms for diagnosing blunt abdominal trauma. They were brought to the service in an average time of 51 minutes, mainly stable and with actaulizada level of consciousness. The use of the ultrasound with surface probe in the diagnosis of free fluid in blunt abdominal trauma in hemodynamic stable patients can be considered as a useful screening method.

The patients were divided based lhp the actualizdaa of the free fluid in the abdomen during the evaluations into two groups: Computed tomography CT scan results and operative reports were reviewed from the trauma registry for evidence of liver laceration, spleen laceration, bowel or mesenteric injuries.

The case is presented of splenic preservation after blunt abdominal trauma with hilum involvement, emphasising the role of Actuualizada as a haemostatic agent, as well as the use of resorbable meshes to preserve the spleen. Blunt abdominal injury may cause the late onset of a fibrous scar and traumatic neuroma in the common bile duct. We aimed to present an overview of the diagnostic accuracy of screening ultrasonography for patients actualizsda blunt abdominal trauma admitted to various hospitals during the Wenchuan earthquake in China.