Lietuvos Respublikos konstitucija has 9 ratings and 1 review: Published by UAB Judex, 47 pages, Paperback. LIETUVOS RESPUBLIKOS KONSTITUCIJA. LIETUVOS RESPUBLIKOS. K O N S T I T U C I J A. Knygą galite atsisiųsti arba atsiversti kitame lange sekančiais. LITHUANIA LR Konstitucija (Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, 6 November ) LR Civilinio kodekso patvirtinimo įsigaliojimo ir įgyvendinimo.

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Persons who do not have sufficient knowledge of the Lithuanian language shall be guaranteed the right to participate in the investigation and court proceedings through a translator.

Citizens shall have the right konstitcuija participate in the governance of their State both directly and through kontsitucija democratically elected representatives, as well as the right to enter on equal terms the State Service of the Republic of Lithuania. The right and duty of parents shall be to bring up their children to be honest people konshitucija faithful citizens, and to support them until they reach the age of majority. At the request of parents, they shall provide religious instruction.

The election to the new Seimas must be held within 3 months of the adoption of the decision on the early election. Lietuvos Respublikos konstitucija by L. The Seimas Committee on European Affairs and the Seimas Committee on Foreign Affairs may, according to the procedure established by the Statute of the Konztitucija, submit to the Government the opinion of the Seimas concerning the proposals to adopt the acts of European Union law.

The law shall protect and defend the spiritual and material interests of an author that are related to scientific, technical, cultural, and artistic work. The President of the Republic: The capital of the State of Lithuania shall be the city of Vilnius, the long-standing historical capital of Lithuania. The said persons must respond orally or in writing during the session of the Seimas according to the procedure established by the Seimas.



This book is not yet kknstitucija on Listopia. Non-state establishments of teaching and education may be founded according to the procedure established by law. Citizens may not be prohibited from returning to Lithuania.

Konstitucija – straipsnis

When a threat arises kondtitucija the constitutional system or social peace in the State, the Seimas may declare a state of emergency throughout the territory of the State or in any konstutucija thereof. Persecution for criticism shall be prohibited. The oath may also be taken by omitting the last sentence. The President of the Republic shall sign an adopted law on the alteration of the Constitution and officially promulgate it within five days.

The State shall take care of families raising and bringing up children at home, and shall render them support according to the procedure established by law.

The decisions of the Constitutional Court on the issues assigned to its competence by the Constitution shall be final and not subject to appeal.


Citizens may not be prohibited or hindered from assembling unarmed in peaceful meetings. The State shall take care of and provide for servicemen who lose their health during military service, as well as for the families of servicemen who lose their lives or die during military service.

Goodreads helps you keep track of konstitucijz you want to read. In all courts, the consideration of cases shall be public.

Lietuvos Respublikos konstitucija

Be the first to ask a question about Lietuvos Respublikos konstitucija. The Prime Minister shall represent the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and shall head its activities. On the day following the expiry of the term of office of the President of the Republic, the elected President of the Republic shall take office after he, in Vilnius, in the presence of the representatives of the Nation—the Members of the Seimas, takes an oath to the Nation to be faithful to the Republic of Lithuania and the Constitution, to conscientiously fulfil the duties of his office, and to be equally just to all.


A closed court hearing may be held in order to protect the secrecy of private or family life, or where the public consideration of the case might disclose a state, professional, or commercial secret.

When performing their functions, prosecutors shall be independent and shall obey only the law. Every year, the Seimas shall convene for two regular sessions—in spring and autumn. It shall be prohibited to extradite a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania to another state unless an international treaty of the Republic of Lithuania establishes otherwise.

The financing of the President of the Republic and of his residence shall be established by law.

When considering cases, judges shall obey only the law. On the basis of the conclusions of the Constitutional Court, the Seimas shall take a final decision on the issues set forth in the third paragraph of Article of the Constitution. The right to stand for election shall be established by the Constitution konstutucija the Republic of Lithuania and by the election laws.

While implementing his rights and exercising his freedoms, everyone must observe the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Lithuania and must not restrict the rights and freedoms of other people. The citizens of the Republic of Lithuania with an impeccable reputation, higher education in law, and kkonstitucija less than a year length of service in the field of law or in a branch of science and education as a lawyer may be appointed as justices of the Constitutional Court.