VLZ4. Important Safety Instructions. 1. Read these instructions. 2. Keep these instructions. 3. Heed all warnings. 4. Follow all instructions. 5. Do not use this. In a crowded subset of the mixer market, Mackie offers proven design, build, and operational qualities via its VLZ3. As a continuation of the series, the VLZ is an extremely popular consumer-level mixer from Mackie. The original CR was a game-changing .

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No steep learning curve here; I can practically close my eyes and grab the knob I need without looking. As a result, we put the Lows at 80Hz and the Highs at 12kHz.

It will be your work horse and handle all of your recordings. Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site.

Mackie VLZ3 Series VLZ3 – analog mixer – channel Overview – CNET

Download our Android app. Click here to see all locations. Mackie mixer preamps are so quiet and clean, that many of our competitors have tried to copy themand with performance specs like ours under 0. These channels will be assigned to the mixer’s output section, delivering the signals to their ultimate destination, which could be your mixdown 2-track, your control room system or your headphones, maackie the VLZ3 a truly powerful, 8-track recording console. Finally, despite all the arguments of Mackie on the background noise ultra-low since the onset of VLZ is far to provide the dynamics of the old models that were playing at the time in the same price range.


For more information about the VLZ3, please visit the website of Mackie.

With the Mackie Rotopod, you get to choose the patchbay position that best suits your needs. The downside is that this mixer is pretty big and heavy for it to be just a 16 track mixer. It has an extended low frequency response and a low cut filter. In short quality Mackie console is over.

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. You simply won’t find preamps this good on any other mixer in this price range. The design of the VLZ3 is nothing to really look at, it is big and bulky but has a clean design and easy lay out to work with.

All user reviews for the Mackie 1604-VLZ3

All channels feature insert points and line-level inputs for extreme versatility. Did you find this review helpful? Mackie engineers burned the late-night oil and extracted even more mxckie and frequency response from their successful XDR2 preamps.

They’ve survived earthquakes, hurricanes and typhoons, so Mackie mixers can certainly handle whatever you throw at them. Studio-quality sound in a nightclub—imagine that. I vvlz3 used a lot of analog mixers over the years but on the VLZ3 we are able to get the exact sound we are looking for.

The VLZ3 is a great product on paper, but it served by its Chinese manufacturing buttons fragile They are superbly transparent and offer tremendous headroom versus the original XDR pres.


It is very rugged and made for the road, it can take some drops with any worries because it seems be made of solid materials that will not break. The Mackie VLZ3 mixer is packed with premium features on every channel: Instead of cheap, unsealed potentiometers, we use co-moulded pots, which offer substantial strain and impact relief.

Tremendous resources went into optimizing the center points of the channel EQ. Proudly Canadian since They make a case that is specifically for the VLZ3 and it cost around 25 dollars. Click here to Contact Us Contact Us.

Description Reviews How do you improve on perfection? And the top end sparkles—something you really notice when you start adding effects to the mix. By sweeping the frequency down to somewhere between and Hz, I can give the kick drum and bass guitar real in-your-face punch, without the boominess that often occurs when the low EQ is cranked.

And the new 3-band active EQ is better than ever—in fact the individual controls seem to be more focused, more independent of each other.