Cherub: Mad Dogs is a fantastic book full of twists and turns. It reels you in, making you want to read on. It is story of a gang war over drugs and. CHERUB: Mad Dogs by Robert Muchamore – review. ‘a fantastic book full of twists and turns; it reels you in, making you want to read on’. Ninja. Gang warfare gets gruesome in the eighth book of the CHERUB series, which Rick Riordan says has “plenty of action.” CHERUB agents are highly trained.

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Quotes from Mad Dogs. I prepared 10 different questions to ask James to find out more about him. Then, following a horrifying attack in a school yard, James is arrested. What I learnt mda this book is that fighting is sometimes a good option not for the hell of it but when you need to its good to know how,not to mention when.

But now the ethics committee had to decide to either pull the mission or keep it going.

CHERUB: Mad Dogs by Robert Muchamore – review

Muchamore’s style is one-of-a-kind and so is the originality and cleverness of msd plot. The mission was going smoothly and James cheated on his girlfriend back a cherub for the group leader of Mad Dogs called.

Sep 07, 15NsubugaH rated it it was amazing. The idea behind this is that Adults would never suspect that young kids would be working as spies to take down criminals.


Zara Asker, the chair woman finds out about his plan and fires him from Cherub. Although, this may be due to the case that our beloved main agents are maturing and that the author wants to investigate new attributes behind different characters. I thought this book was very interesting with a lot of action and left me in suspense.

These agents go muchamire secret missions around the world to infiltrate criminal organizations. James tells his girlfriend Dana, although hurt, forgives him. In mad dogs, James and Bruce have to infiltrate a violent gang. Navy is rewarded if you do well on 1 mission.

First we had eobert infiltrate the gang. This is a book you can lost in and let hours pass and is the series that started me to read again. I have known him for such a long time. I am deciding to interview James Adams.

Mad Dogs (Cherub, #8) by Robert Muchamore

Trivia About Mad Dogs Cherub, Sasha, the leader of the Mad Dogs tried to plan a drug robbery on their rival gang the slasher boys. Return to Book Page. After setting up a plan to in order to get James and Haley Mr.

Refresh and try again. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The main character James seems really sleazy and is also a hoe. Oct 17, Adam Hitz rated it really liked it.


Because it kind of says it mav James is a boy In the story. Then it goes through his cherub dosg and how he over comes different things in times of danger. Es war gut, in Ordnung, Mittelfeld. In order to gain their loyalty, they both had to go on high-risk missions like stealing money from stores. At the start a member suffers a life threatening stab wound injury and was doubtful to even feature again.

Mad Dogs (novel) – Wikipedia

It’s going to leave you asking for more. An older gang member, David “Wheels” Kemp, invites James on a hotel robbery. This book is an agent named James who works for a special organization called Cherub. In the end they eventually takedown the gang.

I thought that the book was quite good especially the climatic scenes in the gangs and would recommend this book for anyone who is interested into CHERUB but also spy related things.

Junior from Class A is in this mission,And believe it or not junior is still doing coke. Nov 12, Jmaumill rated it really liked it Shelves: Personal Response I enjoyed this book very much.