The Progress of Insight: (Visuddhiñana-katha), by The Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw, translated from the Pali with Notes by Nyanaponika Thera (; 33pp . Instructions to Insight meditation. Mahasi Sayadaw. (The following is a talk by the Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw Agga Maha Pandita U Sobhana given to his disciples. Mahasi Sayadaw of Burma (now Myanmar). Meditation Method: Vipassana meditation is in the tradition of the late Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw of.

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In the editing of this commentarial literature, Mahasi Sayadaw was responsible for making a critical analysis, sound interpretation and skilful reconciliation of several crucial and divergent passages.

A unique feature of this Council was the editing of the commentaries Atthakatha and sub-commentaries tikasas well as the canonical texts. When your mind is fixed in contemplation you may be startled at the slightest sound. They are thus of the utmost importance for those who are going to be meditation teachers. If you imaginarily argue with that person, note arguing.

The raising of the arm, the moving of it, the resting of the elbow on the floor, the swaying of the body, the stretching of legs, the listing of the body as one slowly prepares to lie down, all these movements should be noted. Ananda was trying strenuously to attain Arahat ship overnight on the eve of the first Buddhist council.

The mission was in India for about three weeks, during which its members visited several holy places associated with the life and work of Lord Buddha. In the year while the Council was in progress, twelve Japanese monks and a Japanese laywoman arrived in Burma to study Theravada Buddhism.

When placing kahasi food in the mouth, placing. Six years later, he was initiated into the monastic Order as a samaneraunder the same teacher and given the novice’s name of Shin Sobhana, which means Auspiciousa name that befitted his stalwart, impressive features and his dignified, serene behavior.

This historic visit of the Burmese mission under the wise and inspiring leadership of Mahasi Sayadaw was symbolic of the close and mutually beneficial ties dating from ancient times spiritual kinship between these two Theravada Buddhist countries. When in the act of chewing, chewing. Ananda was only a sotapanna that is, a stream winner or one who has attained the first stage on the path to Nibbana before he thus lay himself down.

This knowledge will be succeeded by dukkhanupassana-nanawhich realises that all this impermanency is suffering. These feelings gradually become fainter and finally cease altogether. On Sunday the 1 st February, at the opening ceremony of the permanent central meditation center named Bhavana Majjhathana, Mahasi Sayadaw delivered an address in Pali after Prime Minister Bandaranayake and some others had spoken.

Its positive contribution to the welfare of the Buddhist movement in Sri Lanka was mwhasi steady revival of interest and activity in Buddhist meditation discipline, which seemed to have declined in this fraternal land of ours.


The mission flew from Madras to Sri Lanka on 29th January and sayxdaw at Colombo on the same day.

Mahasi Sayadaw’s Biography

As the meditators grew in numbers, it became too demanding for the Sayadaw to give the entire initiation talk to all the meditators. He will then naturally automatically fall asleep. There were also a few centres in Cambodia and India. As I am, so also may my parents, preceptors, teachers, intimate and indifferent and inimical beings be free from enmity, disease and grief.

Vipassana Meditation Exercises, by Mahasi Sayadaw: Part 1, Basic Practice

As early as the yearMahasi Sayadaw at the request of the Minister in charge of Sangha Affairs of Thailand, mahawi sent Sayadaws U Asabha and U Indavamsa to promote the practice of satipatthana vipassana meditation in that country.

But if you intend to sit down, note intending. The late Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw was born in the year at Seikkhun, a large, prosperous and charming village lying about seven miles to the west of the historic Shwebo town in Upper Burma. He was an excellent student and made remarkably rapid progress in scriptural studies.

His outstanding vigour of body and mind saydaw his deep dedication to the Dhamma sustained him through a life of 78 years. In sayavaw, while the Council was in progress, twelve Japanese monks and a Mahassi laywoman arrived in Burma to study Theravada Buddhism. The most Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw started the teaching of the Mahasi method of insight in and taught for 33 years until his death in August, Sobhana went on with his own studies of the scriptures, being especially interested in the Mahasatipatthana Sutta.

Among the first meditators from abroad was former British Rear-Admiral E. Selflesss and able assistance was rendered by U Pe Thin now deceased mahaei Myanaung U Mahais in Sayadaw’s aayadaw with his visitors and yogis from abroad and in the translation into English of some of Sayadaw’s discourses on vipassana meditation.

But in the beginning of one’s practice, one cannot make a note of every one of these happenings. Since you are only a beginner whose attentiveness and power of concentration are still weak, you may find it difficult to keep the mind on each successive rising movement and falling movement as it occurs. Ponder on these impurities so that the absurd fondness for the body may be eliminated. Practice begins with the preparatory stage, the practice of silamorality, giving up wordly thoughts and desires.

Moderate sensations of these kinds will disappear if sayadaq goes on noting them patiently. Sir U Thwin told the Association that he had found a reliable meditation teacher and proposed that the then Prime Minister of Burma invite Mahasi Sayadaw to the Centre.

As long as you are able to keep your mind on the abdominal movements of rising and falling it is assumed that the purpose of noticing the acts and objects of seeing is also served. It was decided that Mahasi Sayadaw, as the preceptor and mentor of Ashin Jinarakkhita, should go.

Mahasi Sayadaw

His deepening interest in the satipatthana method of vipassana meditation took him next to neighbouring Thaton where the well-known Mingun Jetavan Sayadaw was teaching it. It was not long before Mahasi Sayadaw’s reputation as an able teacher of vipassana meditation spread far and wide in the Shwebo-Sagaing region and came to attract the attention of a devout and well-to-do Buddhist in person of Sir U Thwin who wanted to promote the Buddha Sasana by setting up a meditation center to be directed by a meditation teacher of proven virtue and ability.


An additional rule is not to speak with contempt, in jest, or with malice to or about any of the noble ones who have attained states of sanctity.

The mission discussed the plan with the Thathanabaings Primates of the Buddhist Church of these two countries. Although it was the earnest wish of his devoted disciples that the Venerable Sayadaaw Sayadaw might live for several more years and continue showering the blessings of the Buddhadhamma on all those in search freedom and deliverance, the inexorable law sayadaww impermanence terminated, with tragic suddenness, his selfless and dedicated life on the 14th of August This work excels the average nissaya translation of this Sutta which is of great importance for those who wish to practice vipassana meditation but need guidance.

You must be aware of all the successive movements involved, from the raising of, the syaadaw to the dropping of it. After his return from Thaton to Taungwainggale owing to the grave illness and subsequent death of the aged Taik-kyaung Sayadaw to resume his teaching work and to take charge of the monastery, Ven.

Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw – A Biographical Sketch

Within four years of his ordination, the future Mahasi Sayadaw, now Ashin Sobhana, took in his stride all the three grades lower, middle and higher of the Pali scriptural examinations conducted by the Government.

Should you forget to make a mental note of body, leg or arm movements, then mentally note forgettingand resume your usual contemplation on abdominal movements. Conversely, are you happy that your contemplation is improving?

The meditative process is like that of producing fire by energetically and unremittingly rubbing two sticks of wood together so as to attain the necessary intensity of heat when the flame arises. According to a census, the total number of individuals studying and practicing meditation at these various far-flung Practice Centres was to exceed seven hundred thousand. Next, the yogi will become convinced that all these psycho-physical phenomena are occurring of their own accord, following nobody’s will and subject to nobody’s control.

He thus came to the attention of a devout and wealthy Buddhist named U Thwin.

You may feel at times that breathing is slow or that the rising and falling movements are not clearly perceived.