DFSORT/ICETOOL: Hi All, I have two VSAM Files as Input, When I am trying to SORT with ‘PGM=SORT’ & ‘PGM=ICETOOL’, I am getting a. But i see the LOG and i Note that ICETOOL, use however the input file two times. i beleived that ICETOOL use the input-file one time to write two. Hi,I got a scenario to write a jcl to sort the two files and write the matched and unmatched records into 2 different files using ICETOOL utility.

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This displays the count of records having field 36,2,ZD greater than The ones that occur only 1 time are not printed. How to find out the root cause for dead lock Only a member of this blog may post a comment.


To insert a blank space, we use X. Usually, this is not recommended in view of performance for large files.

List indicates the icetoll dataset. Plans and packages ISPF: A better set of tags would be ‘mainframe’ and ‘dfsort’. It gives best utilization of system resources and efficient operation in bit and bit address spaces.

BLANK replaces all the leading zeros.

Formatting Output Records – DFSORT Tutorial – Mainframes

Posted by cobolbasics at mainfraem In the output report, you are asked to display only the name of the Insurance Agent and the Sales Figure. Used to copy selected parts of a JCL. This will copy records from 1 to 99 and then the last record. Why last digit of a numeric field displays Extent and space parameter CICS: Icefool to convert packed decimal to zoned decim All 01 level items are aligned on double wor Sign up using Email and Password.


Setting color of a field Dynamically File-Aid: Transfer dataset from one LPAR to anoth I don’t know how to write a sort to do this, but its probably not pretty. Prints the number of records with value greater than To many people who are thrown to work at a mainframe computer on their first job, they feel lost.

That is the values that appear only once. If you want to fill in blanks in the last field, you use the syntax c: Also note that in the above figure the title icetolo being printed every page.

It is usually used to create empty dataset or delete an existing dataset. Rules for coding DD name for an alternate in Trying to “find the libraries for DFSORT” is rather difficult and will lead to “fake” errors if you don’t get the right libraries or the right order of concatenation. I believe some of the dfsort gurus on other forums – especially the one that is run by a dfsort developer – will have a solution. Suppose all records have length 65 bytes. Numeric fields with usage COMP Below prints the values that occur more than times.

Matthew McKenzie 8 August at All unique records will be copied to another datasets.

JCL – Utility Programs

For re-formatting of records, there are mainly 3 tools at your disposal – BUILD – Reformat each record by specifying all of its items one by one. Out of sequence problem CICS: I was trying to expand to any number of colors but did not have success. Difference between SLQ code an What info can we gather from the first 5 byt In the ON clause we can specify the format in which data will be displayed.


Post as a guest Name. Compare two files with different field pos Utility programs are pre-written programs, widely used in mainframes by system programmers and application developers to achieve day-to-day requirements, organising and maintaining data.

Is for formatting purpose. Concatenation of datasets with different blo Usually used to manage VSAM datasets.

Input and output datasets can be defined using user defined DD names. Here, you can add,delete or re-arrange fields.

sorting – Mainframe – Sort/ICETOOL for matching duplicate rows – Stack Overflow

You can format the records to be sorted in a particular way, prior to the sorting. Copy some records from a particular key from a KSD For example, a file containing names of employees can be split into 26 files, each containing the names starting with A, B, C and so on.

Mainframe Tips, Tricks And Tutorials.