Maloy Krishna Dhar is the author of Open Secrets ( avg rating, ratings, 35 reviews, published ), Operation Triple X ( avg rating, 93 rati. Now consider what Maloy Krishna Dhar, former joint director, Intelligence Bureau in his book published nearly a decade ago-“Open secrets-. Maloy Krishna Dhar’s Open Secrets, as he informs us at the outset, is not an autobiography; nor, indeed, does it offer an objective or critical assessment and.

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At least two powerful party general secretaries not only insist on foreknowledge about maloyy impending official-level changes but inevitably also call the officers concerned informing them about their new posts. Spying is no simple art and does require a person to lock away the conscience since information is bartered with dire consequences.

Maloy Krishna Dhar brings out certain details which are indeed ‘explosive’ and ‘exposing’. It is precisely the mad Hindu fringe in the top echelons of the Indian government which committed genocide on the Sikhs between and therefore murdering innocents Sikhs and others on a plane was a piece of cake for them. The value of the book does not lie in its disclosures, for those inside the capital’s power loop were already aware about the seamier side of these characters.

Shows how the politicians destroy our wonderful country and never given priority to national interest. If police and intelligence operatives were used by the said so called secular political leaders for spying on opposition and told not to bother the agents of the terror export nation, they cannot be much faulted for towing the line in interest of their families’ security and well being, and not wishing to be threatened physically or terminated wrongfully.

Dhar again conveniently omits that some of the men he mentions were agents groomed by his own office to carry on their activities on behalf of the Indians to malign the Sikhs.

Also goes to show how poor and unprofessional India’s intelligence set-up is especially when compared to the likes of Israel. During the last visit of Krkshna Modi in Kerala, he spent time with former Isro scientist N Nambinarayan-a fact revealed by the latter to the media.


The venom spread by Dhar ruined the lives of thousands of innocents instead of saving many as he claims. malky

Narendra Modi and former Isro scientist N Nambinarayan

I liked the book for some of its explosive information. It is strange that Dhar can pretend to feel sympathy for the primarily Sikh passengers and yet charge Sikhs of being the guilty party in killing unarmed Canadians. Yes, minister Textiles Minister Shankarsinh Vaghela is so keen to retain the services of a particular Gujarat cadre officer that despite the PMO nixing secrete proposal, the officer continues to function as his personal secretary.

But the most surprising area of penetration of the KGB was the Ministry of Defense and those layers of the Armed Forces, which were responsible for procurement of military hardware. To ask other readers questions about Open Secretsplease sign up. He is a former journalist and has a wide range of interests including reading and travelling.

This relates to the word Naaga, understood throughout India to mean serpent or snake, worshipped generally but more specifically on Naagapanchamie, a festival day allotted to them. With remote listening posts in J Secretz time we see this part of The book is written by someone who was in the ring. When a group whose distinctive features, customs, religion, language and everything else is completely alien to the ruler, the ruled will want freedom and liberty as it is but natural.

I derived satisfaction out of the facts that I had done whatever I could do to establish krishba Intelligence Bureau as a respected wing of the government of India in Sikkim…. His collections were yet to equal the expenditure incurred by him. Panjab episode was over explained, and many area author had reference of either past or future event which lead to confusion on chronology of events.

Rajendra Prasad, in his own turn, exploited maloh relationship to promote the interest of his prime minister.

Open Secrets: India’s Intelligence Unveiled

It is well recognised that the Pak ISI provides its agents with several passports. The Delhi office of the industrialist was in constant touch with Rajiv Gandhi and supplied him ‘vital intelligence’ on the Sangh Parivar. It also gives the actual picture of Indian Intelligence bureau after independence as well the comical inertia inherited by Indian Bureaucracy from their British Masters.


Lists with This Book. Open secrets reveal how in India they are servants of the people in an elected constitutional democracy. It is amazing to see how educated spies like Dhar are narrow minded, with a limited vision like their leaders with blinders on and a peanut for a brain. He packs a punch in whatever he says and hold back none even c Fascinating narration by a practitioner who lived his life on his own terms.

Narendra Modi and former Isro scientist N Nambinarayan

Author Maloy Dhar has opened the Pandora box in this epic book. Mr Dhar candidly writes about the Punjab imbroglio where a raft of vested interests sought to keep fanning the flames of the insurgency for their short-term benefits and might have inflicted more lasting damage had not the insurgents overreached themselves by their wanton criminality and brutality.

An inside story of how does our country’s Intelligence agencies, especially IB works. The Maldives has no interest in rocketry and nuclear technology. Learnt a lot about the machinations of the IB. The Indian culture usually ignores history when history is one of the most important aspects of our lives.

Dhar does acknowledge the serious corruption within his own IB and all other organizations without sullying himself personally. Popular Tags gst gdp aap us corruption rahul-gandhi bjp donald-trump bollywood arvind-kejriwal congress cricket narendra-modi modi supreme-court featured delhi india china rbi featuredet pakistan arun-jaitley economy demonetisation.

He could do anything, I was ready to concede, but I never believed that he could be part of the ddhar that killed Indira Gandhi……[Page ]. First and mostly, one might be grateful for being able to read this account of three decades of life of the author as an intelligence officer, at all. The slavery under the Mughals for the last 1, years is proof enough.